inFUSE - What does it mean?

inFUSE: What does it mean?

Northwest Vista College employees are here to inFUSE information literacy skills for students in and outside the classroom.

inFUSE - Letter F

The letter "F" stands for: FIND 

  • Students will be able to efficiently and effectively Find reliable and relevant sources to meet their information needs by using the library and various information sources appropriately to explore a topic

  • Students will be able to Find and use College and student services to meet their academic and personal needs

We live in the Information Age, and "information" is increasing at a rapid pace via internet, social media, television, radio, and other resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's why finding high-quality information is getting harder than ever. Not all available information is worthwhile or even true. Finding the good stuff is not always easy or even free.

The definition of an information literate person - a person who can find and manage information -- goes beyond writing a research paper or knowing how to solve a math problem.  It may impact your ability to get and keep a job and build a career. It means being inquisitive and persevering to find what is necessary to get the job done.

inFUSE - Letter U

The letter "U" in inFUSE stands for: USE 

Using critical thinking skills to recognize and analyze information:

  • Using sources that are credible on your research paper

  • Using available campus resources to find help: labs, support services, scholarships, and financial aid

  • Using appropriate resources and tools to find an internship or a job in your chosen career on or off campus

inFUSE - Letter S

The letter "S" in inFUSE stands for: SYNTHESIZE 

Synthesize academic and college services by gathering and integrating resources into an ePortfolio

  • Synthesizing means thinking at a higher level than just reciting facts, figures or summarizing

  • Synthesizing means taking ideas you are learning in different classes and putting them together so they make sense

  • Synthesizing all that you know about college services and putting them to use when needed to enhance your college life

In the coming weeks, you'll see more communication about an ePortfolio which you'll be able to create as a student at Northwest Vista College. This portfolio will be the highlight of your best work that you can use when applying for internships or jobs. It will help you gather relevant pieces that showcase what you've learned and eventually lead you closer to your chosen career.

inFUSE - Letter E

The letter "E" in inFUSE stands for: EVALUATE

Evaluate information and sources through identification of bias, authority, relevancy, and credibility:

  • Who is the author? Where is the information coming from? Is information one-sided or does it explore multiple points of view?

  • Does this person or entity providing information have the authority, knowledge or experience to speak, write or report on this topic?

  • Is the information relevant to me or to the topic or issue that I'm looking for?  How old is the information?

  • Is the information or the person providing it credible and can be trusted in regards to the topic or issue?


Next Week: Information on ePortfolio which you'll be able to create as a student at Northwest Vista College.

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