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The coronavirus outbreak has seen an unprecedented number of people working and learning from home, and one of the tools that is making that possible is Zoom. But if you don't take care, you could find your meetings being gate-crashed or Zoom-bombed, potentially causing havoc and mayhem. (

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Are classes cancelled at all of the Alamo Colleges District colleges?

No, classes are not cancelled. They are being conducted remotely.

How long will these changes be in place? Will this be for the remainder of the semester?

All classes and services are being held remotely until further notice.

How will Flex classes operate since they are already accelerated?

A Flex class should still be able to operate remotely. We recommend students monitor their email for communications from their instructor.

Will faculty and staff still be working on the college campuses?

No, all college faculty and staff are working remotely.

Will lab classes or hands-on classes still take place?

We are working with the faculty directly to ensure a seamless transition for students to continue to achieve success in their coursework.

Does this apply to KTC in Kerrville or other satellite locations?

Yes. It currently applies to all of the Alamo Colleges District's locations, including campuses and off-site centers.

When will students be able to return to campus?

Until further notice students should not return to campuses for classes and will be instructed on how to continue classes and receive support remotely.

Will this affect commencement?

Yes, the following changes have been made to the commencement:

  • Conferring of degrees and certificates WILL NOT be affected. Degrees and certificates will be awarded to students who have satisfactorily completed all requirements of their respective degrees and/or certificates.

  • Your Advisor is the main point of contact as you progress through your degree and prepare for graduation (refer to the Advising section of this page for information on how to contact your advisor). Career Services can help you develop a resume and provide tips for interviewing.

  • Visit Career Coach to research careers and local jobs that align with your certificate or degree program. You can also access our transfer advising guides to ensure your courses transfer and apply.

  • All five colleges in the Alamo Colleges District will be postponing their spring commencement ceremonies until December. Please note that commencement is the actual ceremony rather than degree/certificate earned.
Will students still be able to see their advisors?

Yes, advisors are available remotely. Please refer to the Advising section of this page for instructions on how to contact your advisor.