For Admission and Academic Policies Contact:

Julie Boerm

Director of High School Programs

Tori Martinez

Senior Advisor Student Success and Home School Liaison

Communication Arts HS

Holmes and Business Careers HS

John Jay HS

Marshall HS

O’Connor HS

Taft HS

Stevens HS

Warren HS

Anne Franke Inspire Academy

Marlyne Perez

Senior Specialist Student Success 210-486-4299

Boerne HS

Champion HS

Brandeis HS

Brennan HS

Clark HS

Harlan Marshall HS

Harlandale ISD

Harmony Science Academy

Health Careers HS



Boerne ISD

Boerne High School

Shana Dillon, Counselor/Dual Credit Liaison

Kami Zigmond, Academic Dean


Champion High School

Shana Dillon, Counselor/Dual Credit Liaison

Emily Steffek, Academic Dean


Harlandale ISD

NOTE: Only Digital Video and Digital Sound are offered through NVC. Regular dual credit courses are offered through Palo Alto College, HISD’s primary college for the program.

Harlandale and McCollum High School

Chris Lewis, CATE Counselor/Dual Credit Liaison


Harmony Science Academy

Zengin Yunus, Dir. College and Career Counseling/Dual Credit Liaison

Yasar Cakir, Principal


Lackland ISD

Stacy Junior-Senior High School

Mrs. Medellin-Keller, 9-12 Coun/Dual Credit Liaison

Stephanie Mickey, Principal


Northside ISD

Brandeis High School

Jamie Kollmann, Student Success Adv/Dual Credit Liaison

Elisa McCraken, Academic Dean


Brennan High School

Margarett Greff, Academic Dean


Clark High School

D'Layne Kelly, Coach & Intrvntn Spclst and Dual Credit Liaison

Jill Hackney, Academic Dean


Communication Arts High School

Shellie Malik, Teacher and Dual Credit Liaison

Brian Lawrence, Academic Dean


Harlan Marshall High School

Brittany Eure, Student Success Adv/Dual Credit Liaison

Cynthia Tapia, Academic Dean


Health Careers High School

Janis Tschirhart, AP/Dual Credit/GT Academic Coordinator

Jennifer Jordan, Vice Principal


Holmes and Business Careers High School

Dawna Townsend, Dual Credit Liaison

Beatriz Mora, Academic Dean


John Jay High School

Erika Pena, Dual Credit Liaison

Leslie Kvapil, Academic Dean (John Jay)


Marshall High School

Carla Blackwell, AVID Coordinator and AP Campus Coordinator/Dual Credit Liaison

Kristen Westmoreland, Academic Dean


O’Connor High School

Kendall Ellis, Stdnt Success Adv/Dual Credit Liaison

Jennifer Bishop, Academic Dean


Stevens High School

Brynn Caddell, Dual Credit Liaison

David Mayer, Academic Dean


Taft High School

Barbara Landeros, Student Success Advisor and Dual Credit Liaison

Jacquelyn Lambert, Academic Dean


Warren High School

Melea Wade, Head Counselor

Delisa Ramos, Academic Dean