High School Graduates

Dual Credit Students Transitioning to Regular Enrollment & Transcript Requests

Requesting an Official Transcript

Current Dual Credit Students:

A current dual credit student is a student currently enrolled in dual credit and has not yet graduated from high school yet.. Since you have not graduated, your official high school transcript has not been submitted to the Admission Office and therefore, your dual credit transcript hold is still active. The transcript registration hold will prevent you from registering for Alamo college courses until you graduate and apply as a first time student if you plan on continuing with us. Your hold will not be removed until a final high school transcript has been submitted. In order to meet your admission requirements for the colleges/universities you are applying to, the NVC Admission and Records Office recommends requesting an unofficial transcript. Please contact the NVC Admission and Records Office at nvc-records@alamo.edu

High School Graduated Dual Credit Students:

A high school dual credit graduate, is a student who has graduated from high school and whose official high school transcript has been submitted to the NVC Admission and Records Office. The Admission Office will process your high school transcript once they receive it and remove your Dual Credit Registration/Transcript hold. 

Please note: The Dual Credit Hold will not prevent you from requesting an official transcript via your ACES account. You can still request an official transcript.  To read instructions on how to request a transcript via ACES, Click Here

NOTE: If your attempt to request a transcript through ACES is unsuccessful, please contact the NVC Admissions and Records Office to confirm your official high school transcript, with the graduation date, has been received and processed. Otherwise, your transcript hold will remain active preventing you from making a request. For additional information the NVC Admissions and Records Office can be reached at 210.212-5266 or nvc-records@alamo.edu.

Dual Credit Students continuing at Northwest Vista College or any other Alamo Colleges after graduation

  • AlamoENROLL for Future Students
    • Please select Begin Here to ensure you follow the steps as a First Time in College student. DO NOT select the Applying for Dual Credit option within the Future Students block on the AlamoENROLL site.