Adam Aguirre

Aguirre, Adam
Title: Assistant Professor & Anthropology Discipline Coordinator
Department: Social Sciences
Office: LOH 306-D
Phone: 210-486-4851 Ext: 64851

About Adam Aguirre

Institute:  Science & Technology

Education:  M.A.|Liberal Arts, Anthropology Focus|St. Edward’s University

 B.A.|Anthropology & Philosophy|Southwestern University

I have been teaching at the community college level for over ten years, and I have been at NVC for the past six years. My specialty is Cultural Anthropology (Social Science) but I also teach an exciting and enriching Physical Anthropology (Natural Science) class. I also have a certificate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Texas San Antonio, and I am also currently working on my Phd in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Texas Austin, to both be a better teacher myself and help others be better teachers. I have helped students from finding the right classes for their semester, to getting internships, to looking for jobs. Let me know how I can help you!