Supplemental Instruction for English (SI)

College Level English Lab JH-216 Integrated Reading and Writing Lab JH-110 Advocacy Center Support Lab JH-308 Supplemental Instruction for English

-Lab Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday: 9:00AM-6:00PM
Friday: 9:00AM-2:00PM

-LOCATION - Juniper Hall 110

The Supplemental Instruction for English lab is located on the first level of Juniper Hall in room JH-110. Please come by and let us know how we can help you with your English classes. The lab is open to all students who are enrolled in a course with the SI component. 

-SI Schedule:

-Supplemental Instruction for English Schedule and Instructors-
SI Leader: Instructor(s): SI Sessions: Tutoring Hours:
Caitlin Gaitan

June Pedraza: 1:00pm-3:05pm in JH-102 Mon. & Wed.

Natalia Trevino: 10:30am-12:35pm in JH-102 Mon. & Wed.

Tue.: 11am-11:30am

Wed.: 9:45am-10:15am &


Mon.: 9am-10:15am & 3:10pm-4pm

Tue.: 9am-10:40am & 12pm-2pm

Wed.: 3:30pm-4pm

Christa Ramirez

 Valerie Gomez: 9:00am-11:05am in JH 109 Tue. & Thur.

Britt Benshetler: 11:30am-1:35pm JH 112 Tue. & Thur.


Thur.: 11:15am-11:50am & 1:40pm-2:30pm

Fri.: 10am-12am

Tue.: 8am-9am & 1:40pm-2:45pm

Wed.: 8am-2:45pm

Fri.: 8am-10am

Ilissa Garcia

Justin Pozos: 5:30pm-7:10pm in JH 225 Mon. & Wed. &

 7:30pm-9:10pm in JH 115 Mon. & Wed.

To Be Determined

Mon.: 4p-5:30pm

Tue.: 3pm-5pm

Wed.: 4pm-5:30pm


-What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer-to-peer resource for students in our 1301 ++ and 1301 + English courses and is designed to provide students with added assistance. Weekly SI sessions are conducted which bring students together in a collaborative effort. During these sessions, students will compare notes, discuss readings and work together to solve complicated issues related to the course. Each session is guided by an SI Leader who are current students that have previously succeeded in the course and who are interested in helping students grow in the subject area.

-Benefits of SI.

SI is offered to students as an added resource in traditionally difficult courses or courses where students receive a high percentage of D's, F's and W's. Studies show that students who attend a majority of SI Sessions will most likely finish the course with a passing grade. Students will also learn how to communicate effectively and work with other students as a team. SI Leaders are available for one on one tutoring in JH-110 for students who need more personalized assistance. Our SI Leaders double as Academic Coaches to help students learn how to learn and the SI program is designed to help all students enrolled in participating courses become strong and independent college students. Students will receive skills that last throughout their college experience.

-Who ARE SI Leaders?

SI Leaders are current students with a strong work ethic. These students have succeeded in the course in the past with a B or better and have a desire to work with fellow students. Our SI Leaders develop study sessions and facilitate discussions to help students understand difficult course concepts. The SI Leaders work closely with instructors to determine the areas where students are struggling or where more instruction is needed. We prefer that our SI Leaders have some form of teaching/tutoring experience. For more information on how to become an SI Leader or to recommend a student for an SI Leader position, contact

-Meet our SI Leaders:

Caitlin Gaitan-

Caitlin graduated from Northwest Vista in 2014 with an arts degree with a focus in English. She then earned a Bachelor's degree in English from Texas A&M-San Antonio. Currently, Caitlin is a graduate student at UTSA working on her Master's in English.

Christa Ramirez-

Christa is a graduate of Northwest Vista, where she received an Associate's degree (Teaching and Business Administration) in 2017. She is currently working on a Bachelor's in Communications for Professional Writing at SNHU.

Ilissa Garcia-

Ilissa is a current student at Texas State University working on a Bachelor's of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in English Literature.

-Student Testimonials:

"I like that SI provided weekly overview/handouts for the students to explain class information." -Summer 2018
"Sessions were very informative and gave me tips on how I could write and re-write my essay."
-Summer 2018
"You can ask them about any problems you have in an essay, they help you brainstorm, are patient, show interest in helping." -Fall 2018

What Instructors are saying:

"Caitlin was a great resource in the class. Her knowledge and passion were an asset to the class. It was great working with her." -Summer 2018
"Although I had a small class, the extra attention given to students by the SI instructor made noticeable improvements to student work." -Summer 2018

-Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who can use the SI for English Lab?                                       

The lab, located in Juniper Hall 110, is open to all students who are enrolled in a course with the SI for English component. Come on down!
  • Will the SI Leader check my paper during an SI session?

No. During SI sessions, the SI Leader is there to guide student discussions and questions. For individual help on a specific assignment, visit tutoring hours in JH-110.
  • How many SI sessions should I attend during the semester?

Studies show that when students attend a majority of SI sessions throughout a given semester, overall final grades are higher than students who attend few or no SI sessions. Instructors in our program require 8 sessions per semester but can add more as they see fit. Check with your instructor for more information.
  • Does one-on-one tutoring count towards my overall SI session attendance?

It depends. Whether or not a tutoring session counts towards the student's overall session attendance is up to the Instructor and SI Leader. Generally speaking, one on one tutoring that lasts for an extended period of time (30 min. or more) and involves more than basic tutoring advice, e.g., proofreading, spell-checking, grammar/punctuation, etc., will count towards session attendance. Check with your SI Leader for more information.

-Interested in using SI in your classroom?

Supplemental Instruction works great for English and Writing but is easily adaptable to any subject. We will continue to expand SI in the English department but would like to see the program branch out into other subjects throughout the campus. If you would like to add the SI component to your course in the future or if you would like more information, contact Paul Gregor at It is our hope that one day all NVC students will benefit from SI in the classroom.

"Students Empowering Students!"