Science Lab

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide students with a conducive learning environment dedicated to helping students take a more proactive approach to their science courses, discover their particular learning style, and develop their critical thinking skills. We believe that each of these skills are necessary in each student becoming an independent learner. 

Make Tutoring Work for You

The goal of tutoring is to provide individualized assistance that enables you to develop academic mastery and independence. Help us make your sessions as productive as possible: 

  1. Come Prepared. Bring your textbook, notes, and assignment sheets with you. Read your assignments and do your best to work through your homework problems before your tutoring session. 
  2. Attend Classes Regularly. Tutoring is designed to supplement class instruction, not to replace it. 
  3. Do Not Ask Tutors to Do Your Homework, Proof-read Your Assignments or Assist in Any Way with Take-Home Exams or Quizzes. Tutors can help clarify assignments and identify skills needed to complete assignments. They can give you extra problems and examples like the ones you are having trouble with and help you learn to solve them. 
  4. Understand that Tutors are Not Teachers. Teaching provides students with new information; tutoring helps the students master that information by providing alternate explanations, techniques and examples. Tutors cannot substitute for attending class.
  5. Use Tutoring Services Efficiently. You will benefit more from tutoring if you come when you first begin having problems. If you wait until the last minute, you may not be able to master the material in time to succeed on tests and assignments.
  6. Do Not Expect Tutors To Know Everything. Please remember that tutors are students like you who have mastered specific course content with a specific instructor. They are not expected to have the level of experience of your professor.
  7. Ask Questions When Something is Unclear. If you remain silent, the tutor may assume you understand. Tutors have learned many ways to explain a single concept, so continue to ask questions until the material is clear for you.
  8. Sign-In for Tutoring Services and Evaluate Tutors and the Advocacy Center When Requested.These are the only requirements for the free tutoring and all Student Advocacy services provided. Doing this helps us maintain funding to continue to provide these services at no charge.