CLEP Exams

Review the CLEP Exams Descriptions to learn about the exam. Click Here for CLEP Exam Descriptions.

CLEP Fees 

CLEP Administration

  • Show up at least 30 minutes of scheduled time for CLEP Administration.
  • Must have print out of receipt of the Paid NVC CLEP Fee
  • Must have print out of the CLEP Registration Ticket.
  • Allow for at most 2 hours (3 hours if taking College Composition CLEP).

Grade Awarded for AP and CLEP Credit

Students taking the AP and/or CLEP test will earn equivalent college credit from Northwest Vista College according to the college's Credit by Exam Policy and the credit is treated as equal to a grade CR in the corresponding course (but is not included in GPA calculations).

Requirements to Award AP and CLEP Credit

  • Official Score Report from College Board must be sent to Northwest Vista College.
  • Successfully completed 6 credit hours at Northwest Vista College.
  • Students may not earn more than 45 total hours of non-traditional credit. 
  • Credit by exam may not be awarded for a course given a grade. Exceptions:
    • If withdrawn from course before census, Credit by exam be awarded,
    • If withdrawn from course after census, must wait six months from last day of that term.