TSI (Texas Success Initiative)

The following tests scores may exempt you from TSI Assessment:

 Exempt TSI Parts Writing and Reading Portions    
 Math Portion   Additional Requirement 
ACT      English 19+ Math 19+ Composite must = 23+

SAT - Taken Prior to March 2016

Critical Reading 500+ Math 500+ Combined Critical Reading and Math score must = 1070+
SAT- Taken on or after March 2016 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) 480+ Math 530+  
TAKS Exit Level English Language Arts (ELA) 2200 Math 2200+  

These exempting scores expire after 5 years of the test date.

The following non-test score items may exempt you from the TSI Assessment:

  • Transfer coursework that is determined to be equivalent to the following Northwest Vista College courses with a grade of C or higher for the respective part of the TSI Assessment:
    •  Writing - INRW 0420, ENGL 0301, ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302
    •  Reading - READ 0303, INRW 0420, ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302, ENGL 2322, ENGL 2323, ENGL 2327, ENGL 2328, HIST 1301, HIST 1302, PSYC2301
    •  Math -  MATH 0303, MATH 0320, Any equivalent college level math course
  • Graduated with an associate degree or higher from regionally accredited higher education institution
  • Documented to be College Ready or Exempted for respective area of the TSI Assessment on official transcript from another Texas Public College or University
  • Veteran who has separated from the Military on or after August 1, 1990 under honorable conditions

The following items may waive a student from the TSI Assessment but may be required to take it after the waiver expires:

  • Complete an identified High School College Preparatory Course with a final grade of 75 or higher (This only applies to high schools that have an agreement with Northwest Vista College)
    •  Enroll no later than 2 years after graduation
    •  Must take respective college level course within 1 year of initial enrollment
  • Active Duty Military (member of the Reserves must show proof of 3 years of service prior to enrollment)
  • Certificate Program that is one year or less (42 or fewer semester hours);   A diagnostic exam through the TSI Assessment is required in accordance to Alamo College's requirement

The TSI Assessment College Level Placement Scores:

 TSI Writing Placement and Essay

 Reading Placement 

  Math Placement

340+ and 4+


<340, ABE 4+  and 5+

351 350


The cost of the TSI Assessment

 All Three Parts

 Two Parts 

 One Part


$24    $12