Mural Unveiling & Artist Talk: I Change Myself, I Change the World - Adriana M. Garcia

Date: September 18, 2019

Location: CCC 108

  • Northwest Vista College, Faculty & Staff, Students, Alumni, Community, Arts & Culture

Mural Unveiling
Changing the World
Lead Artist: Adriana M. Garcia, Assistant Artist: Michelle Love
Acrylic on Panel, 7’ x 36’, 2019

“Changing the World,” features real NVC students and reflects the stories of creative survival, symbols of support, and political activism that lead many students to Northwest Vista College.

This project was partially funded by an Arts Engagement in American Communities grant from the National Endowment for the Arts received through a partnership between the Fine Arts and Mexican American Studies Programs at NVC. The goal was to connect art students at the college and high school levels from throughout San Antonio with professional artists to create a community-based campus mural for NVC.

We invited award-winning artist, Adriana M. Garcia, to lead this project and chose the theme of “Access to Education” to honor the various paths that lead students to NVC and the importance of higher education in their lives. Garcia spent time with our campus community, listening to stories and discussing meaningful imagery with students, faculty, and staff during the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters. We also hosted two campus mural community meetings at NVC during the Spring 2019 semester and invited attendees to learn about the history of educational activism in San Antonio. At the  first meeting, special guest speaker, Mario Compean, co-founder of the Mexican American Youth Organization (M.A.Y.O.) and the Raza Unida Party (R.U.P.), spoke about his experiences during the 1968 Edgewood High School Walkouts that occurred in San Antonio, Texas. We further invited attendees to share their own stories through writing, drawing, and conversation.

Garcia painted the work in collaboration with assistant artist on the project, Michelle Love, and with the help of NVC students, community members, and students from neighboring colleges and high schools who graciously volunteered their time and labor to the project. Garcia also invited 77 year-old artist, Roberto Sifuentes, to paint the iconic image of student protesters first printed in the San Antonio Express News. Sifuentes’ wife, Herlinda, participated in the walkouts and graduated from Edgewood in 1968. San Antonio has a rich history of educational activism, part of a long struggle for civil and human rights that continues today.

The NVC Mural Grant Coordinating team includes Dr. Sandra D. Garza, Assistant Professor and Coordinator for the Mexican American Studies Program, Rachael Bower, Instructor and Art Discipline Coordinator, and Tim Jones, Professor of Fine Arts. This work could not have been completed without the indispensable work of Judy Camargo, Director of College and Grants Development and Anthony Quintanilla, Structural Shop Foreman, and Dr. Ric Baser, President at Northwest Vista College.

September 18 at 5:30 pm
CCC 108/109