Dancing Earth - NVC Dance Artist in Residence

Date: September 6–9, 2022

Location: Palmetto Center for the Arts PCA 108

  • Northwest Vista College, Featured, Arts & Culture

September 6 - 9, 2022 at Palmetto Center for the Arts

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 Dancing Earth Creations (DEC) is a contemporary dance theater ensemble embodying the intention to renew and revitalize culture, community, and cosmologies through performing arts. Founded by Artistic Director Rulan Tangen, to serve a need rarely met in the USA, DEC gives hope and opportunity to Native, mixed, global Indigenous and BIPOC talent who have been largely outside the dialogue of mainstream performance because of lack of access. DEC is an organic constellation of largely self-taught dancers, composers, costumers, filmmakers, and spoken word artists.

Together, DEC artists work with community members, culture carriers, and Native elders to explore the rich diversity of ancestral heritage, contemporary identity, and intra-cultural relationship building, by collaborating on innovative ecologically themed performances. DEC's work promotes environmental awareness, cultural diversity, and understanding between peoples through contemporary arts expressions.

INSTA:  dancing.earth     YouTube: DancingEarth     FB:  dancingearthcreations

Presented by NVC Dance & sponsored by the Student Activity Fee
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“We gather as individual artists to create experimental yet elemental dances that reflect our rich cultural heritage as contemporary global peoples. We strive to embody the unique essences of cultural perspectives by creation and renewal of artistic and cultural movement rituals. Ancient and futuristic, our dances are an elemental language of bone and blood memory in motion.”
- Founding Artistic Director, Rulan Tangen