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 Northwest Vista College Library
1st Floor, Redbud Learning Center (RLC)
3535 N. Ellison Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78251
Mon - Thur: 7:30am to 6:00pm

Classroom accommodations are designed to help level the playing field for students with disabilities. Accommodations should not offer an unfair advantage to a student because the student has a disability.  Refer to the list below for the most common approved accommodations.


Exams Accommodations

  1. One of the common accommodations approved by the Access Office involves alternative conditions in which to complete exams. This accommodation is offered through the Assessment Office on the campus of Northwest Vista College. In order for a student to utilize these accommodations, an Exam Request Form must be completed and turned in to the Assessment Office in Cypress Campus Center, Room 207 (CCC-207). If desired this form can be submitted electronically via e-mail (first, download the form and fill it out then, second, attach the pdf to an email and send to: with Subject: Exam Request Form).
  2. The Assessment Office will monitor the student’s exam if desired.
  3. The Assessment Office must be notified four working days prior to the exam if the student needs a reader, scribe or use of a private room.
  4. If the student is approved to listen to music during the exam, the testing center may spot-check the music player to ensure test integrity.


Emergency Evacuation Assistance

  • The instructor will designate another student in class to help evacuate the disabled student to the main stairwell or out of the building.


Use of a Recording Device

  • Student will provide his or her own electronic recording / note taking device to record information.


A Volunteer Note taker

  • The student will obtain his or her own note taker. Volunteer note taker may receive extra credit.


A Reader or Scribe

  1. A Reader is simply a person who will only read for the student and a Scribe is a person who will write for the student.
  2. The student will secure in-class Readers or Scribes as needed. Readers/Scribes may also receive extra credit.
  3. The Assessment Office will secure testing Readers/Scribes for exams after student gives them four working days notice.


Interpreting Services

  1. Deaf and/or hard of hearing Services at San Antonio College will coordinate and secure sign language interpreters for all colleges of the Alamo Colleges District. Please contact Jo Hilton at Phone: 210-486-1110 VP: 866-634-7829 Email:  
  2. Services include: Sign Language Interpreters, Oral Interpreting, Closed Caption related services.
  3. Interpreter Requests must be made at least 3 working days before the class or meeting.


Adaptive Equipment

Several different types of adaptive equipment technology are available at Northwest Vista College.

  1. Students with visual impairments or reading difficulties, screen reading software is available.
  2. Students with physical limitation have larger chairs available.
  3. Students with hearing difficulties an FM system is available to adequately hear their instructors in class.
  4. For students who struggle with writing, software is available that converts spoken words into written text.


Opportunity to leave the class suddenly

  1. The student may need to leave the classroom because of their disability.
  2. The student is responsible for any information that is missed.


Student may be late to class due to walking difficulties

  • If a student has disability related mobility issues it may be difficult for him or her to move to class with many other people on campus. Therefore, the instructor is notified that the student may be a few minutes late to class.



  • Additional accommodations may be added on an individual basis.


Contact Information

Phone: 210-486-4466
Fax: 210-486-9093

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