Study Stateside

The Study Stateside Program is a summer experiential learning opportunity that will offer students a chance to travel throughout the United States, and earn 6 hours of course credits.


In the 2019 Study Stateside experience, students will take U.S. History II (HIST 1302) and American Minorities (HUMA 2319) directly engaging in the richly diverse regional history and culture within our own borders.


NVC’s Study Stateside is a competitive, merit-based program accepting students who are responsible, motivated, and demonstrate academic excellence. Only 8 students will be selected to participate in the program. You must meet the following qualifications to apply:

  • Be enrolled at one of the Alamo Colleges
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (incoming freshmen may use Fall 2018 GPA)
  • Recommended by a faculty member (letter of recommendation)


The cost of the program per student is $1,300 not including tuition; however, the courses taught in Study Stateside are eligible for the Momentum Program.

What’s included in the cost?

The $1,300 will cover your travel expenses (12-passenger van/gasoline), hotel (double occupancy), and tickets/fees to all historic sites and museums. Breakfast will be provided by the hotels, and there will be a few selected meals paid for by the program, but you will need to pay for most of your own meals as we go.


There will be fund raising opportunities available to students accepted into the program, which will bring down the $1,300 cost for students participating in these opportunities.

Application Process

There is a 5-step process in applying for the Study Stateside Program:

  • Step 1 - Determine eligibility
  • Step 2 - Complete the application and short essay
  • Step 3 - Obtain a letter of recommendation from a faculty member
  • Step 4 - Complete disciplinary form
  • Step 5 - Submit application with essay and letter of recommendation attached by the February 1, 2019 deadline (Email to, or,
Application Form (Click Here)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to share a hotel room with another student?

Yes, to reduce the cost of the program, students will be required to share a room with another student.

When will we hold class meetings?

We will have 2-3 pre-departure meetings the week of May 20th. While traveling “class” will be held in the van, during meals and at the memorials.

What will the assignments be like in a course like this where we are constantly on the road?

Both classes will include journals and be given ample time to complete assignments while we travel. Students will also have a “capstone” assignment that will be due after we get back home and will have a couple of weeks to complete their work.

Will the Momentum Program apply to these courses since we are traveling during the Maymester?

Yes, the courses will be coded “Summer I” session.

What happens if I experience a family emergency and need to return home before the end of the trip?

Arrangements will be made for the student to fly out of the nearest major airport.

What happens if I am injured or get sick while on the trip?

Faculty are dedicated to keeping all students safe and healthy on the trip. If a student does become ill or injured, one of the faculty will stay with the student until further arrangements can be made.


We will depart NVC on Thursday, May 23rd at 5am*, and will return the evening of Saturday, June 8th*.

*Itinerary is subject to change and dependent on weather and time available at each location.

Cities and Activities

New Orleans, LA

Cajon Pride Swamp Tour
Whitney Plantation
Confederate War Museum
New Orleans Art Museum
LGBTQ Historic Walking tour
Lafayette Cemetery

Montgomery, AL

First White House of the Confederacy
National Memorial to Peace and Justice
The Legacy Museum
Dexter Parsonage Museum (Home of MLK)

Charlottesville, VA

Monticello (Estate of Thomas Jefferson)
Historic Downtown Mall, “Justice Park” & Heather Heyer Memorial

Washington, DC

National Mall (Monuments)
National Museum of African Americans
National Museum of American Indians
National Holocaust Museum
National Gallery of Art
Rainbow Walking Tour

Chicago, IL

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
Millennium Park
Art Institute of Chicago
Wrigley Field - Cubs Game!

Springfield, IL

Lincoln's Home

Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

Little Rock, AR

Little Rock Central High School National Park
African American Art Museum
Esse Purse Museum
River Market Area