Facilities Rental


  • Fees associated with facility rental, such as housekeeping, security, electricity, or event managers or technicians are in addition to rental rates.
  • Prices are set for facilities rentals and additional supporting services such as security, custodial and technician fees. Prices are per hour.  
  • Facilities will be rented on weekends, i.e., Friday’s, and Saturdays except in the summer months during 4-day work week schedule.
  • Facilities will not be rented on Sundays.
  • Facilities will not be rented during the Christmas break and other long closures, such as Thanksgiving, Spring Break and as deemed appropriate.
  • Facility rental requests will be considered and space rented within the current semester only.
  • No long-term rentals will be considered; rentals are considered on a per occurrence basis so as not to interfere with college activities.
  • Insurance Requirements: Client must provide proof of liability insurance totaling $1,000,000.00 inclusive of personal and property damage stating Northwest Vista College as the site.
  • Non-Profit Status: If claiming non-profit status, client must provide a copy of their Nonprofit Certification (Stating 501(c)(3) status) before a contract can be signed.


Use of the facilities listed below may be requested on a case-by-case basis.

Classrooms (w/out computers)

Size: approx. 750 sq. ft.

Capacity: 25 people

Fee: $70/hour

Classrooms (w/computers)

Size: approx. 750 sq. ft.

Capacity: 25 people

Fee: $70/hour

Community Room 101

Size: 1008 sq. ft.

Location: Pecan Hall

Capacity: 50 people

Fee: $65/hour

Performance Hall/Auditorium

Location: Palmetto Center for the Arts

Capacity: 360 people

Fee: $200/hour

(Additional request and service forms will need to be completed if requesting the Performance Hall/Auditorium facility)


Size: 1800 sq. ft.

Location: Huisache Hall

Capacity: 80 people

Fee: $50/hour

Lago Vista Room/121 & 122 (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)

Size: 2,508 sq. ft.

Location: Cypress Campus

Capacity: 195 people

Fee: $80/hour