Nanotech Workshops and Research Projects

May 20, 2021


NVC Scholarships & Undergrad Research Projects in Nano- Program

The NanoEngineering and NanoTechnology program at NVC will be offering undergraduate research projects and workshops in fall 2021. The students who are enrolled in the Nano program and/or are taking nanotechnology courses can participate in these workshops and will receive a stipend up to $1,800. Students will be trained on using microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, biomedical engineering projects, and nano-electronics.

This is a great learning opportunity and also helps students financially. If there are open slots, other NVC STEM students may be considered. To receive the stipend, students must successfully complete and participate in the workshop.

Space is limited so if you’re interested in these workshops, please email Jason Giuliani, coordinator of the NVC NanoEngineering program at