PCA Gallery : Constructed Origins

Featuring Artists Daniel Armstrong and Jessica Ramirez

Curated by Diana Kersey and Esteban Delgado

Constructed Origins features artists Daniel Armstrong and Jessica Ramirez. The artworks in the exhibition take a look at architectural and cultural structures and how they form us. Armstrong’s colorful drawings depict various architectural structures from his hometown of San Antonio. Jessica Ramirez uses mixed media to construct a narrative on her cultural identity.

For more info contact Diana Kersey: dkersey@alamo.edu or Esteban Delgado: edelgado5@alamo.edu

Presented by Northwest Vista College Fine Arts Program
Supported by the Student Activity Fee

Thumbnail Gallery - Daniel Armstrong
Artist Statement - Daniel Armstrong

Daniel Armstrong - Artist Statement

07u-DArmstrong-2018FrostTowerInBloom.jpgWhen I draw the urban environment, I often choose subjects that relate to addiction, incarceration, the threat of becoming homeless, and despair for a dying planet.

Despite these grim motifs, I am never more content than when I arrive at the final stages of creating a drawing outdoors. I seek to capture the feeling of ecstatic satisfaction I get from sitting in one place and marking my observations.

I am by no means optimistic about the future, but that does not stop me from enjoying life in the present.

Daniel Armstrong, 2020

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Artist Statement - Jessica Ramirez

Jessica Ramirez - Artist Statement

Silhouette MexicoThe subject of identity can be a rich topic for the viewer, drawing on their own associations and considerations with social, political and culture identity.

Using regional fabrics from Mexico and Texas, I reconstruct forms from my childhood, having house plants, like the aloe vera, play a central part. In my self-portrait works, reflecting on my own process through assimilation and a search for a lost identity, I am focusing more on current and historical cultural trends and associations constructing narratives as a Mexican-American female living and working in New York City.

The Stepped Structure Series is one that continues to examine culture and identity. Heavily influenced by a visit to the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and the National Museum of Anthropology in CDMX, I wanted to study architecture beyond function and ritual, focusing on the design of dwelling and it’s connection to family.

Jessica Ramirez, 2020

Artist Website: jessicaramirez.com