Student Artist: Gabby Estrada

June 26, 2020

Pre-Major: New Media Arts

ArtworkWhy did you choose NVC and what do you like about it?
I chose Vista because of the art department. I love drawing by the campus lake and how helpful my professors are. They always make time to help you out if you need it.

Describe your background. What made you decide to be an artist?
I've been drawing since I can remember but I don't think I ever took it seriously until high school when I took some digital media classes. It made me realize I could combine technology and art which were the two things I loved the most.

Which classes or faculty members impacted your work and your life?
Professor Andra Ramirez had a big impact on my artwork this semester. She taught me how to follow the paths when the universe shows them to you.

Describe your work’s concept, aesthetic, and your process of making it.
My art style is heavenly influenced by all the movies, shows, games, and art I grew up with and still love till this day. I feel like it's a cross between the breath of the wild and adventure time. A sweet middle that helps me convey a message while still letting it be adorable.

Which artists inspire and/or influence you the most and why?
Jim Henson, Noelle Stevenson, Michelle Zauner, and Bryan Lee O'Malley are some of my greatest inspirations because of all the beautiful stories they put out into the world with their art. Even if their mediums may be different, they all still manage to create art that means something to themselves.

What kind of plans do you have set for your future as an artist? Are you planning to pursue a Bachelor's degree?
I'm hoping to get into a university and finish my bachelor's there. Then using that to design for a company and eventually become an art director of some sort whether that is in comics, animation, game design or social media of some sort. I plan on still working on my own personal art on the side and continue doing freelance work.