Student Artist: Jeanette Deegear

June 26, 2020

Pre-Major: Fine Arts

ArtworkWhy did you choose NVC and what do you like about it?
I chose NVC because my older siblings had attended this school and recommended it to me. My favorite classes were arts and science. I really enjoy the schoolgrounds and the easy layout. I honestly felt pretty at home this last semester and am grateful for how much this school has helped me grow.

Describe your background. What made you decide to be an artist?
I have always been into art however lacked a lot of self confidence within myself. I originally was attending school for a business degree with no interest in that area. It really took taking one printmaking class to make me wakeup and realize how much I truly love art. After that I kept taking more and more art classes and I feel like it is really my calling.

Which classes or faculty members impacted your work and your life?
I would say a number of instructors encouraged and challenged me, giving me valuable information and overall opening up my mind to think different ways. One of my instructors was Dr. Nicholas DeLillo, I took both of his science classes and absolutely loved them. He is an awesome instructor who truly loves what he does and inspired me to follow what I love. Rachael Bower, showed me how creative I could be. Keith Williams gave me a path and a direction to go in with my art. Diana Kersey showed me how much fun art was and that I needed to stay true to myself. Esteban Delgado, gave me encouragement and a drive to push myself. Sabra Booth gave me a perspective of much needed reality including the business side of things and how a professional needs to present themselves.

Describe your work’s concept, aesthetic, and your process of making it.
Honestly my process is a bit messy, but it works for me. I tend to throw a lot of ideas at a project and then jump in and try to hold on to what I feel is right. I edit things a lot with my digital art, but with painting I have to be more concrete with my decisions.

Which artists inspire and/or influence you the most and why?
I have a lot of artists I love and I try to take a bit of inspiration from each but still like to keep my work my own. Feifei Ruan, Yuko Shimizu, Chris Riddell, Mary GrandPré, to name a few. I really love their work and hope become an illustrator like them.

What kind of plans do you have set for your future as an artist? Are you planning to pursue a Bachelor's degree?
I am taking a year off then I will be pursuing a bachelors in design and illustration. I am currently pursuing freelance work as an artist and building my brand.