Student Artist: John Padron (a.k.a. Remer)

June 26, 2020

Pre-Major: Fine Arts

ArtworkWhy did you choose NVC and what do you like about it?
To be honest I've never been a school person, but i heard a lot of great things about Alamo Collages and I lived nearby so i tried it.

Describe your background. What made you decide to be an artist?
i always liked to doodle, in high school i was a "tagger." I kept myself in trouble, can't really put it any other way, but i was always good to others. A teacher or 2 definitely helped with me noticing art more seriously but shortly after graduating just personal/mental health issues i guess had me go in the complete opposite direction. all while working and slacking in my 1st semester in college. A few years lived after dropping out my 1st time round, im back. like i said, I ain't been a school person, but a lot changed about what i wanted for myself between the time I was out here doing my thing. I hope to maybe help other people that also have a hard time maybe just being present with themselves while tryna find purpose. Definitely being able to live off art would be tight, but it was never the priority. I hope to learn and help others learn someday, somehow.

Which classes or faculty members impacted your work and your life?
Ms. Spangler from high school, she was my graphic design teacher, and Ms. Whitehurst, although she got married my senior year and changed her name, I'll be forever pretty grateful for them.

Describe your work’s concept, aesthetic, and your process of making it.
I'm usually filling my art with things I've experienced, aside from my favorite cartoons, movies, comics, animes and video games. Growing up I guess I've always had issues being alone and at peace with myself. As i grow, keeping in mind i still have plenty life to live still, I see these issues without all the distractions I surrounded myself with before. I'm definitely FAR from perfect but all those imperfections and criticisms within myself and internal battles kinda seep into whatever it is i draw.

Which artists inspire and/or influence you the most and why?
I'd say Alex Ross, Kim Jung Gi, Karl Kopinski, Frank Frazetta, Alex Pardee, Moebius, Scott Robertson, really just the dedication from every one of these guys. Oh yeah. and their art! Their creativity with technical skill just pushes me every day to practice harder if i really wanna be that good one day. It's like I've been wasting years and I'm behind kinda feeling.

What kind of plans do you have set for your future as an artist? Are you planning to pursue a Bachelor's degree?
Im not sure yet, i haven't planed that far, but i do look forward to continuing learning about art in all ways i can in school. i do intend to make my own way with art, but i don't ever want to stop learning.