Student Artist: Nathalia Kuruwita

June 26, 2020

Pre-Major: Fine Arts

ArtworkWhy did you choose NVC and what do you like about it?
I chose NVC because it has a very good art program.

Describe your background. What made you decide to be an artist?
I wanted to become an artist because, when I was little, I went to an art class in Sung Harbor, NY. I learned many different things from that class and, most of all, I enjoyed it. Also, I want to inspire people with my creativity and work.

Which classes or faculty members impacted your work and your life?
The art class 1301-014 I'm taking now has impacted my art as I learn how to make pieces that have a deeper meaning to them.

Describe your work’s concept, aesthetic, and your process of making it.
I paint mostly on canvas and I paint a lot of cherry blossoms. I first sketch out my piece to see where I want to place my cherry blossom trees, then I pick out bright colors that suit the cherry blossoms and the background - I want both of them to balance. Then, I start to paint it and focus on where the light reflects on the cherry blossoms and where the shadow hits.
Which artists inspire and/or influence you the most and why?
I love all artists because there's so much history and culture in their artwork. You can see so much detail that they put into each piece. I can't admire just one artist, I admire everyone's work. Every piece is different and every piece inspires me in its own way.

What kind of plans do you have set for your future as an artist? Are you planning to pursue a Bachelor's degree?
I'm planning to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree because I plan on becoming an art teacher.