Student Artist: Tristan Redding Ramos

June 26, 2020

Pre-Major: Digital Video & Cinema Production

ArtworkWhy did you choose NVC and what do you like about it?
I chose NVC for the DVCP program they offer. The thing that appealed to me was that I'd be educated about video production in an inexpensive way with access to equipment that would normally be hard to come by.

Describe your background. What made you decide to be an artist?
I grew up in a small town south of San Antonio in a family of five. My parents both had degrees in fine art. I am grateful that they made a point of exposing me and my siblings to various forms of art at such an early age. That's probably the biggest reason I am doing this now.

Which classes or faculty members impacted your work and your life?
As far as photography, Desiree Schanding helped me sharpen my abilities as a photographer. I hope to take another course with her in the future.

Describe your work’s concept, aesthetic, and your process of making it.
It's hard for me to put words to whatever it is I do. I love to display eerie or emotional feelings, but I also am heavily inspired by the beauty of nature. I think the contrast of those two things are quite interesting.

Which artists inspire and/or influence you the most and why?
The artist that inspires me the most is my sister, Azure. While she was completing her BFA at UTSA, she would have to work menial jobs to support herself. Right now she's devoting her time to developing as an artist and I admire that greatly.

What kind of plans do you have set for your future as an artist? Are you planning to pursue a Bachelor's degree?
After my time at NVC, I'd like to focus on finding a career in filmmaking. I'll keep working on various art projects on the side, but my main goal is to create great films.