Academic Dismissal Petition Packet Requirements

You will submit your completed petition packet and reflection statement through the PASS Canvas module.  Petitions are not accepted in person. Once your packet has been received, it will be reviewed by the Academic Standards Team to ensure that all of the following requirements have been met:

When will the Dismissal packet be available?

The Dismissal Packet is accessible through the Canvas course. You will be added to the course once you have completed the Admissions process (step 1) and submitted the Academic Dismissal Petition Information form (step 2). Students will be added to the course beginning April 4th until August 13th, 2022.

Please read all the requirements below before submit your completed packet. Submissions of incomplete or incorrect packets will delay your ability to complete the petition process in time.

What are all the requirements to Petition for Academic Dismissal?

Click here to view the Academic Dismissal Checklist.

How can I submit my Academic Dismissal Petition Packet?

You will submit your petition packet documents through the PASS Canvas module. Petitions are not accepted in person or by email. Once your packet has been received, it will be reviewed by the Academic Standards team to ensure that all of the following requirements have been met:

  • Individual Success Plan- has been completed in GPS with two semesters of courses planned out- Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 (maximum of 8 credit hours each semester)
  • Petition Waiver form-is a PDF Document completed in full and submitted as directed with digital initials and signature (only PDF Document are excepted - no pictures or converted documents will be accepted)
  • Time Matters Activity- is a PDF Document completed in full with every box is filled in, typed (no handwritten submissions are excepted)
  • Paving My Path Reflection Statement- is a typed Word or PDF document that addresses all areas requested

* If you did not meet all the requirements or complete as directed you will be notified through the Canvas course and asked to resubmit once edits have been made.

Once all eligibility requirements are met you will receive a link to schedule your dismissal interview in your ACES student email.

When is the last day to submit my petition packet?

Priority Date: July 28th, 2022

Final Deadline: August  5th, 2022

If all steps are completed as directed by the priority deadline, you are guaranteed to be contacted to schedule a dismissal interview. If you do not respond to the outreach attempts within two weeks of the outreach attempt, you will forfeit the guaranteed opportunity to interview and will be scheduled if sessions are still available. 

If all steps are completed as directed after July 28th  but by August 5th, 11:59pm, the Academic Standards team will contact you via email to schedule a dismissal interview on a first-come, first-served basis, until interview sessions are full and SDEV0171 classes are filled.  Please allow up to four (4) business days for a response.

No extensions on deadlines will be given.

How will I schedule a Dismissal Interview?

Once your dismissal packet has been complete and reviewed, the Academic Standards Team will email to you to schedule dismissal interview.

**As we have limited spots each semester we highly recommend that you complete the petition process as early in the petition period as possible. Once all Dismissal Interviews have filled, students will have to wait until the following semester to petition. 

**Missed interview sessions, especially without prior notification, will only be rescheduled once, if Dismissal Interviews are available. A second missed appointment will result in automatic denial of your petition for the semester.

What can I expect to happen in my Dismissal Interview?

Students will meet with an academic advisor to review their petition packet and discuss their plan to be successful. In the Dismissal Interview, the student will be given a decision as to whether the petition has been approved. If the petition is approved, the student will be eligible to register. You will also be registered for a required Strategies for Success course (SDEV0171). More information regarding this class will be provided in thePASS canvas course, and discussed during the Dismissal Interview. During your interview, you will work with an advisor to develop an Action Plan to help you be successful in your returning semester and beyond. You will also be provided with a list of available resources on campus that will help you stay on the road to success.     

How and when will I know the decision on my petition?

Decisions are normally made within one week of meeting with an advisor for your Dismissal Interview. Remember, submitting a petition does NOT guarantee your petition will be approved.  All decisions will be sent to the student's ACES email only. It is important to check this email on a regular basis to ensure you receive all communications from Northwest Vista College.

If Approved:

- You will be required to adhere to all petition requirements indicated on the Contract for Student on Academic Dismissal. Failure to complete all requirements will result in non-compliance for your petition and you will have to sit out up to a full academic year. No exceptions will be made.

If Not Approved:

- The advisor will provide you with information via ACES email on steps to take in order to petition for an upcoming semester.

Tips for a Successful Packet:

In order to ensure the petition experience is a good one, please read the following helpful tips:

• If you are citing extenuating circumstances as to why you are on Academic Dismissal such as medical-related issues, include any relevant documentation with your packet submission.

• Read the Paving My Path Reflection Statement directions very carefully. There are three areas that you need to address in your essay- reflections, planning for the future and present opportunities. Please take time to reflect on what events, actions, and decisions resulted in your current academic standing. Remember to discuss all issues and semesters that you were having trouble in. Be descriptive regarding what you envision your future to look like and how you plan to achieve those goals. State actions you will take to ensure you get where you are going.

• Please make sure to address what changes you have made, and detail your plan to be academically successful.

• Your Pathing My Path Reflection Statement must be typed, and a minimum of 1-2 pages. Handwritten submissions will not be accepted. Use the Reflection Statement example provided on the Dismissal Petition Checklist to help you..