Trust the process: Young mom continuing Business Management degree with AlamoONLINE

June 16, 2021

Ariel Fraga was hesitant to return to college. She had left her previous university eight years before to care for her newborn daughter but felt ready to return in 2020. “What held me back was being scared of the process,” she admits, “but once you get started, it gets easier. You just keep going.” Now Ariel attends Northwest Vista College as a fully online student studying business administration.

Like many online students, she enjoys the convenience, flexibility, and affordability innate in being an online student at Alamo Colleges. In a recent interview, she emphasized that the affordability and location of NVC initially attracted her. “I could go back to school and still support my daughter,” which was important to her as she explored ways to earn her degree without compromising the time with her eight-year-old.

“I work a 40-hour a week full-time job and have my daughter still homeschooling, so online learning was a lot more convenient.”

Ariel can balance her role as a mother, employee, and student with online courses, which wasn’t possible with her previous college experience. Ariel also likes the freedom to go at her own pace, stating,

“I have the convenience to do my work when it works for me.”

When asked whether any programs unique to the Alamo Colleges have helped her succeed, Ariel immediately identifies the Summer Momentum program as particularly beneficial. Summer Momentum allows students to earn 3–9 free credit hours depending on the number of hours they took the previous spring semester.

"...the Summer Momentum program actually is something that's really helpful. Being able to take classes for free? I mean, who would say no to that?”

She adds, “I didn't take advantage of [Summer Momentum] before, but now that I see it, I'm like, ‘Why not just use that and get through so I can finish?

Although each student at the Alamo Colleges has different reasons for choosing online learning, almost all agree that the benefits—from affordability to reduced commute time—are many. Ariel reminds us that the most challenging part is often taking the first step.

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