World traveler finds herself at home with AlamoONLINE

July 26, 2021

After spending a decade living abroad, Ashley Terrell arrived in Texas eager to begin the next chapter of her life. A life filled with rich experiences from living in Germany, Guam, and South Carolina. She wondered where it would lead her next. She didn’t need to look far for a sign showing her a direction that was right for her.

“I saw a billboard for Northwest Vista College off the side of 1604. I knew that was my shot at an education.”

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It felt seamless for Ashley to decide which career path to pursue. From her prior work experience, Ashley knew that she belonged in a service role within the community based on previous work experience in a library.

“I loved being a part of the community and helping. Community libraries aren’t just for books; they’re kind of community centers. And I love being there helping people and making sure everybody has what they need to succeed.”

Her goal is to earn a master’s degree and become a library generalist, gaining a political science or global affairs degree in the process. Although she speaks with enthusiasm about the quality of her online education at Northwest Vista College, she credits the support, resources, and leadership opportunities offered to non-traditional students for her student success. 

Ashley is more than a student—she is a wife, mother, and invested community member.

“I have two part-time jobs, three kids, and I am working on the mayor’s re-election campaign. I have so many things going on,” she shares. Still, she is pursuing a degree online that will lead to her dream job, an investment she knows is worth making.

She doesn’t shy away from the reality that time management can be tricky and that stress is inherent in returning to school at an older age. She does, however, remind us that, with a bit of faith, persistence, and dedication, it’s possible to achieve dreams. 

To potential students who see themselves in her story and struggle with knowing when and how to return to school, she shares this advice:

“You have to want it beyond the excuse. Success happens on the other side of uncomfortable. Just go for it.”

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