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We encourage you to browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions regarding the online student experience at Alamo Colleges.

How do online classes work?

Alamo Colleges offers online courses in an 8- or 16-week format. The assignments, discussions, and exams take place in an online environment. To learn more, watch Online Environment.

Also, the Alamo Colleges offer a variety of academic and student support services to assist its online students.

How do I get started?

Depending on if you are a first-time-in-college student, a transfer student, or a returning student, the steps to enrollment vary slightly. For step-by-step instructions for your enrollment type, visit online students and apply today!

Do I have to apply if I am only taking one class?

Yes, whether you take one course or a full load, you still need to apply. Please note if you are coming in from another institution you are considered a transfer student.

What is a hold and how do I clear it?

For a list of common holds that may be placed on your record and information on how to remove them, visit holds. You can also contact the Admissions and Records office at the College you are applying to with specific questions or contact an AlamoONLINE Enrollment Coach.

Does the bacterial meningitis law apply to me?

All students, age 22 and younger, must submit proof of the bacterial meningitis vaccination.

Online students taking classes on campus at any of the Alamo Colleges are required to provide proof of immunization.

Students taking classes 100% online can request an exemption by submitting the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Waiver—Enrollment in Online Course Only.

For more information, visit the Alamo Colleges District Bacterial Meningitis webpage »

Will my online credits transfer to my 4-year institution?

Typically yes, but please confirm with your 4-year institution before you register for a course. The Alamo Colleges has transfer advising guides (TAGs) to assist you before you transfer to your 4-year institution.

To learn more about online TAGs, visit start here, finish there.

What classes are offered online?

For a list of courses offered online, visit online course offerings.

What programs are offered online?

To view fully-online offerings available at each of the Alamo Colleges, visit the search online offerings webpage.

I submitted an application, but haven’t heard back. Now what?

If you are still in the application phase, contact an AlamoONLINE Enrollment Coach or the Admissions and Records office at the College you selected on your application. They will assist you with admission.

Also, check your email. Once the application was submitted you should have received a confirmation email with a link to AlamoENROLL for your enrollment checklist. Also, if there were errors with the application, you would have received an email.

How much will it cost?

For the Alamo Colleges tuition schedule, visit Tuition and Fees. Effective Fall 2019, the out-of-district fully-online rate will be lowered to $170 per credit hour.

Residents in Bexar County are in-district students, residents in Texas but outside of Bexar County are out-of-district students, and residents outside of Texas are Non-Resident students.

When can I start?

Application and registration deadlines will vary by semester. For more information, visit Academic & Registration Calendars.

FAQs for military-affiliated students

How does attending college fully online affect my military or veterans education benefits?

Military affiliated students may participate in the AlamoOnline program and continue to use their benefits as follows:

Post 9/11 GI Bill®(CH33). Both Veterans and Dependents (if the veteran has transferred his/her benefits to the dependent) can use this benefit. If they take all of their courses online, they will receive a reduced amount of the Monthly Housing Stipend equal to 50% of the national Average of the E5 with Dependent BAH rate for active service members.

Montgomery GI Bill® (Active Duty (CH30) and Selected Reserve (CH1606). Only veterans and reservists may use this benefit. Students using this benefit may take all online courses and will still receive full entitlement of monthly stipend.

Dependents Education Assistance Program (CH35). Only dependents may use this benefit. Students using this benefit may take all online courses and will still receive full entitlement of monthly stipend.

Hazlewood Exemption (Veteran, Spouse, Child, Legacy). Students who are eligible for this tuition exemption through the state of Texas may take all online courses and still receive the full entitlement amount. Courses must be taken at a public institution of higher education.

Tuition Assistance (Active service members and reservists only). Students using this benefit may participate in all online courses and will receive the full entitlement amount.

My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Scholarship Program for Military spouses only. Students using this benefit may participate in all online courses and will receive the full entitlement amount. For more information, visit MyCAA Military One Source.

Who can I contact to discuss my military or veterans education benefits?

Colleges' Veterans Affairs are ready to support you. To provide access to higher education for our online community, all five Colleges offer programs and support services to help military-affiliated students achieve their dreams by earning a degree, certification, or credentials, fully-online.

Northeast Lakeview College

Northwest Vista College

Palo Alto College

St. Philip's College

San Antonio College

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At our Alamo Colleges, a 100% online degree, certificate, other offering, or Transfer Advising Guide (TAG) has all courses offered fully online and does not require students to come on campus or to an external site except for required proctored exams or to participate in a clinical, internship, cooperative education, or practicum site.