Continuity of Instruction Plan


In the event of facility closure in response to a pandemic, natural disaster, or other emergency, the five Colleges have a continuity of instruction plan to allow students to finish the semester. Approved by all Vice Presidents of Academic Success, the plan requires faculty to transition to a remote learning environment.

Instruction Mode

Faculty, who are online teacher and/or distance learning certified, can transition to an online asynchronous format.

Faculty, who cannot transition to an asynchronous online format, will be trained to transition to an online synchronous format and to deliver instruction via web-conferencing technology (ZOOM). Instruction will continue on the same day and same time format that is currently scheduled with face-to-face classes. Training on recording web-conferencing sessions will allow for asynchronous access.

Faculty will use a Canvas course shell to supplement web-conferencing sessions.


Faculty are required to post the following information, at a minimum, in each Canvas course shell:

  • Syllabus
  • Directions on submitting assignments
  • Directions on communicating with the faculty member
  • Directions on how to access technical support
  • Directions on how to access and use Zoom successfully

Course Template

Faculty will be provided two options regarding the course template to assist with their transition to a remote teaching environment:

Option 1: Adopt their respective College course template.

Option 2: Select the Remote Ready Layout—a Canvas template designed for the temporary transition to remote teaching with synchronous and online instruction.


Faculty will be trained on a core set of web-conferencing (Zoom) and Canvas tools for use during a period of time when facilities are closed and remote teaching is required.