Step 3: Teach Remote

After attending Remote Ready Boot Camp (RRBC), you will learn how to use Zoom and Canvas to teach remotely for the duration of facility closures.

For additional support via email, click here.

For information about Zoom-bombing, click here.

Address Students Concerns with Access

  • Please be flexible with students. If access to a laptop, desktop or other personal device is unavailable, students are encouraged to use their phone and email to communicate with instructors. In addition, programs are available to bridge the digital divide by providing low-cost internet service offers, which include free internet for 60 days. Find out more at Please follow the Stay Home / Work Safe order.

Use Zoom to:

  • Schedule Zoom meetings on the same day and at the same time as your face-to-face courses
  • Invite students to the meetings scheduled on the same day and same time as their face-to-face course
  • Meet with your classes at the designated day and time
  • Record your Zoom sessions
  • Post your recorded Zoom sessions in Canvas
  • You can start using Zoom here,

Use Canvas to:

  • Support instruction with Zoom
  • Post your recorded Zoom sessions
  • Post grades (Important note: It is a FERPA violation to send grades to students via email. You must use the Canvas Gradebook.)

For Assistance: