Fight Song Writing Contest

Date: November 26, 2021

Time: 6-11:59 p.m.

Location: Online

  • Palo Alto College, Faculty & Staff, Students

Two $500 scholarships will be awarded

We are in search of lyrics for the first-ever Palo Alto College Fight Song. Any current PAC student or alumnus is encouraged to submit an entry for the Fight Song Writing Contest. The lyrics should be about 8-20 lines with the mention of our school’s name and mascot. Submit your entry on AlamoExperience by clicking the “Forms” tab and typing “PAC Fight Song" search box.

Submit lyrics

Deadline to apply: Friday, Nov. 26

Fight Song Criteria

• 8-20 lines
• Structure (suggested): organize lyrics in stanzas of 4 or 8 lines

Rhyme Scheme (encouraged)The most well-known fight songs contain a rhyme scheme (pattern of rhyme in each stanza.)

• Notre Dame, “Victory March

       - 18 lines grouped in 2 stanzas
       - Rhyme scheme: aabbaabccb / aaddeefg

• University of Oklahoma’s “Boomer Sooner
       - 12 lines grouped into three stanzas
       - Rhyme scheme: aaab / cccb / ddcb

• UT Austin “Texas Fight

Keywords to consider (based on campus surveys)
• Palominos
• Family or Familia

• The PAC Song must have a title.

Need assistance with your composition?
Contact the Writing Assistance Center at 210-486-3257.

DISCLAIMER: Writers who submit an entry must be aware that lyrics are subject to change/editing once a melody (music) is attributed.

For more information about the Fight Song Writing Contest, contact:
Student Life