PAC adds curb appeal

December 4, 2017

Public Relations

Some changes are coming to Palo Alto College in December and January with the addition of trees and boulders along Villaret Boulevard, thanks to a generous donation by the City of San Antonio. 

The “Streetscape” is made possible by the City of San Antonio, which appropriated $50,000 from the Tree Canopy and Tree Mitigation to Palo Alto College to help increase energy savings while also improving the air quality, storm water control, reduction in temperatures, and enhancement of the overall beauty of the campus and surrounding neighborhood. A total of 32 canopy trees were donated as part of the agreement.

The landscaping for the new Streetscape began in late November, and the trees will be delivered to campus on Thursday, Dec. 7. The targeted completion date is Tuesday, January 17 – the same day spring 2018 classes begin. 

The new Streetscape adds to the College’s campus beautification efforts to enhance the outdoor spaces on campus. Much like the Botanical Garden, the new Streetscape will add to the beauty of the campus while providing students a living example of how trees benefit the environment. To learn more about future construction projects, please contact College Services at 210-486-3016.