Spotlight Series: Sergio Rivera

June 1, 2021

Marketing and Strategic Communications

Sergio Rivera, Facilities Superintendent at Palo Alto College, was recently honored with the TAPPA President's Distinguished Facilities Management Service Award. Rivera is recognized for his dedication to upholding the organizational value of promoting educational facilities professionals and following industry best practices while serving as a leader.

"It's an honor to have received this award," said Rivera. "Most of my department has been on-site throughout remote operations, so I give them a lot of credit for coming in and doing what they need to do to make sure the campus stays up and running. I work with them every day, and it's a blessing."

Texas Association of Physical Plant Administrators (TAPPA) is a non-profit organization that encourages common interests, proficiency, and professionalism in maintenance and planning for higher education facilities. TAPPA represents over 175 Texas education organizations, including universities, junior and community colleges, and 4-year colleges.

As the Facilities Superintendent, Rivera oversees buildings, housekeeping, maintenance and works closely with external contractors. Rivera has worked at Palo Alto College since 2009 and has 27 years of service at Alamo Colleges District.