Spotlight Series: EJ Moreno, Aquatic & Athletic Director

July 11, 2022

Marketing and Strategic Communications

EJMoreno-Insert.jpgBeyond the health and wellness benefits that sports offer, sports have a way of connecting people. And when it comes to the college experience, the more connection students have to their institution, the more academically successful they are.

Since taking the reins as Aquatic & Athletic Director for the College, EJ Moreno has been working to build that sense of connection through various program offerings for student-athletes and non-athletes alike.

“In many ways, the pandemic has spurred our creativity as it forced us to find new ways to deliver our programs and engage our students in a virtual space,” said Moreno. “We expanded athletics programming to include food demos, group workouts, and e-sports, to name a few.”

Now with a few months back on campus under their belt, Moreno and his team have used lessons learned to find new ways to utilize spaces on campus as their facility undergoes renovations.

The team converted old tennis courts into a new multi-court that offers pickleball, foursquare, volleyball, and basketball. Half of the dance studio is now a fitness center, and they created walking routes around campus with mile markers.

“My biggest lesson so far is learning that there is always a solution,” said Moreno. “As a department, we want to be open to any opportunity or avenue we may be able to offer for our students.”

In addition to providing health and wellness opportunities on campus, PAC Athletics partners with the city of San Antonio to offer free fitness classes with the Mobile Fit Bus and also hosts a sports camp as part of PAC’s Youth Summer Camp.

“With our summer camps, we’ve been very intentional about developing lessons that will benefit the children in our local community so they can have fun while developing a healthy mindset early on,” said Moreno.

Health and wellness is a topic close to his heart as he faced challenges managing his weight growing up.

“I think offering programming to students who may not realize that changing your diet isn’t as difficult as it may seem is very important,” said Moreno. “Getting out there and participating in intramural events or going to the fitness center after class can profoundly affect their health and well-being.”

As a proud Southsider, Moreno said his journey at the College has come full circle from starting as a part-time student and part-time lifeguard at PAC to his induction as the 36th member of PAC’s Distinguished Alumni this past spring.

“Distinguished Alumni is all about advocating for where you came from,” said Moreno. “The athletic director position at Palo Alto College was something I dreamed of and aspired to, so being named a Distinguished Alumni made it feel like me coming full circle.”

Palo Alto College’s Distinguished Alumni is comprised of former students who exemplify the mission of the College to inspire, empower, and educate our community for leadership and success. The group was founded in 2020, with 35 members inducted to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the College, honor a legacy of excellence, and encourage and inspire future alumni.

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