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Child Care

When a new child is enrolled at Ray Ellison Family Center, we give the family a copy of our "Palo Alto College Ray Ellison Family Center Parent Handbook". Its purpose is to acquaint you with the policies and procedures of the center. Some procedures are of our own design, however others are mandated by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Your questions will usually be answered or addressed in the handbook. However, to assist you in finding some answers quickly, we have developed these answers to frequently asked questions. If you require more information, please do not hesitate to call or speak to our Coordinator or Administrative Assistant Specialist at 210.486.3500.


How are staff qualified and trained?
At the Ray Ellison Family Center we strive to have 1 Child Development Specialist and 1 Assistant Child Development Specialist in each classroom. Child Development Specialists (CDS) have a minimum of an Associates degree, although most have a bachelors. Assistant Child Development Specialists (ACDS) have at least their Child Development Associate Certificate. All CDS and ACDS have a current first aid and CPR certification. All Work study students who are with the children have received an 8 hour basic training class as mandated by TDFPS.

The Ray Ellison Family Center received accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in April, 2010.


How does staff stay current in appropriate practice with children?
Each staff member completes a minimum of 24 hours per year of Professional development training covering a wide variety of topics such as child growth and development, guidance and discipline, and emergency preparedness.


How often will I be billed?
Billing is done on a weekly basis and must be paid in advance of services being provided.

Where do I pay my bill?
They must be paid at the Bursar’s office or online at The Virtual Business Office. One copy must be returned to the Center so that your account will be properly credited.

Do I pay for days my child is absent due to illness?
Yes, per the parent handbook.

Do I pay for holidays?
There are no discounts for days missed due to illness, absences, vacation, or the Center being closed for holidays, teacher in-service days, work days or emergencies.

Will the center accept payment from a subsidizing agency, such as CCDS?
Yes. Please see the front desk about arranging the paper work for subsidies.


Do I have to be a Palo Alto student to be eligible?
No, but students have priority when openings occur.

Do I have to re-register each semester to keep my child's place?
A registration fee per child of $40.00 is due upon enrollment each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer as a whole), and $10.00 for Maymester. The re-registration fees are non-refundable.

If I don't attend summer school can I still have a space held for the upcoming fall semester?
Yes, you must pay a $40 non-refundable enrollment fee each semester.

Do I pay a registration fee each semester?
Yes, you must pay a $40 non-refundable enrollment fee for each semester ($20 for each summer session).

Arrival and Departure

When does my child need to be at school?
At the REFC we strive to implement a program developed around daily routines that support children’s interest and ability to engage in varies learning activities, therefore, we encourage parents to bring in their children between 7:30 am – 8:30 am. This allows children to fully participate in daily activities, daily schedule, and morning breakfast which is served at 8:45 am.

What happens if I am late picking up my child?
The REFC closes promptly at 5:30 pm. Late fee policies are strictly enforced. If a parent is consistently tardy or late for pickup, he/she may be asked to find alternate care for the child. Please ensure that you have a back-up plan to ensure your child is picked up before closing. Please see your handbook for our policies.


What time is breakfast?
Breakfast is served at 8:45 am.

If I bring my child late for a meal time, will you still provide the meal?
If you call ahead of time and ask for a plate to be saved, YOU may feed your child outside the classroom. You may also take your child to the cafeteria in the Student Center before signing them in.

May I bring birthday snacks for my child?
The center is happy to celebrate the birthday of each child in age-appropriate and healthy ways, it is highly encouraged to offer healthy treats. No gifts will be allowed for exchange. Invitations for birthday parties may be distributed ONLY if all children in the class are invited. The teacher will distribute through the children’s cubbies in their classrooms.

How will I know what my child eats during the day?
We have copies of the monthly menu posted inside all the classroom. A Daily Report from your child's teachers for a detailed account of your child's day Will be provided to you.

Children's Activities

Does the Center have a curriculum?
Yes. REFC utilizes the Creative Curriculum which emphasizes developmentally appropriate play experiences. For more specific information on our curriculum please refer to our handbook or ask your child's teacher.

How will I know what my child does during the day?
Please refer to the daily schedule and lesson plans posted in the classrooms. The teachers will also be pleased to speak with you about the activities that are planned. You may request Daily Reports from your child's teachers for a detailed account of your child's teacher.

Will my child play outside during the winter?
Yes. Licensing requires that children have an outdoor time daily. Please bring jacket, mittens, gloves, etc. so that your child can enjoy the healthy outdoors. It is usually the adults who are uncomfortable with the cold, not the children.

Health Concerns

May my child come to school when he/ she is ill?
No. Home is the best place for children when they are contagious or recuperating. Your handbook lists contagious illnesses that require children's absence.

Will the center give my child medicine?
Yes, if it is in the original prescription container and the parent has filled out a medicine authorization form.

How often does my child need a physical?
Physicals are required once a year after enrollment.

What happens if my child is ill or hurt while at the center?
Minor injuries are tended to by the teachers and an incident report is completed to document the event. You will receive a copy of this report at pick up time. For more serious injuries we will use your emergency information to contact you so you can be with your child. See emergency procedures in your handbook.

Parent & Family

May I come visit my child at the center?
Yes! Approved family members are always welcome to visit the classrooms at any time. All visitors to the center will need to be approved and receive access to the classrooms by REFC administration.

In what ways can I be involved in my child's program?
We encourage you to come and visit your child and participate in the activities of the day. Speak with your child's teacher for special upcoming events or let them know about your special talents and interests.

Does the Center have parenting books or resources I can borrow?
Yes, we have a lending library with books that can be checked out. We also have a wealth of handouts to share with you concerning your child's development. Let us know what information you need and we can help you find it.

How do I request a parent conference?
We provide parent conferences twice a year AND upon request. Feel free to ask your child's teacher if you would like to schedule one.

If I have a concern about services my child is receiving what can I do?
Please feel free to speak with the Coordinator with any questions you may have.

Should I notify the center if there are questions surrounding custody issues?
Unless otherwise notified in your child's enrollment packet, we assume both parents have legal custody and both have full rights to leave our center with their child. We can only enforce custody matters if we have copies of the court orders on file.

Holidays & School Vacations

Is the center open during semester breaks?
No the center is open only when classes are in session. Please visit Calendar main page for closures and important dates.

Does the center celebrate holidays?
Yes, here at the REFC, our goal is to provide consistent, meaningful learning experiences for all children. Please share with the center staff celebrations that are important to your family. We respect wide range of cultural, religious and ethnic background of all families. Every effort will be made to respectfully honor your family’s culture and traditions.


What will the center personnel do if my child acts inappropriately?
We use positive guidance techniques that help to promote self- discipline and acceptable behavior. Please refer to the handbook for more details.

Will the center tell me if my child is having any problems?
If we are not able to correct them in a reasonable time, yes, we will ask for your input and assistance. In such instances, the teachers and/ or the Coordinator will likely request a parent- teacher conference.

Should I punish my child at home if he/she acts inappropriately at the center?
No! It is best if the teacher's deal with the center behaviors and parents handle the home behaviors. We would like to share strategies with each other for dealing with inappropriate behavior so we can all be as consistent as possible for your child.

Withdrawal & Dismissal Procedures

How much notice should I give before withdrawing my child?
We require a two week notice before withdrawing your child. Please stop by the front desk to complete the necessary paperwork.

Can the center dismiss my child?
Yes but this is very, very rare. Please refer to your parent handbook under discipline.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator:
Jennifer Flores

Ray Ellison Family Center (REFC)





Hours of Operation

7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.