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Library Info
Library Information
Ozuna Library and Learning Center
Cir (210) 486-3555
Ref (210) 486-3557
June 4 – July 29
(4-day work week)
Mon–Thurs: 8 a.m.–7 p.m.
Fri–Sun: Closed
Closed July 4th
Computer Lab

Tutoring Services

Gutierrez Learning
Labs -105

Having Technical Problems?

IT Services
Ozuna 121 and 150

INRW Learning Center

Policies & Procedures

Please review and abide by these policies and procedures while using the INRW Learning Center.

General Lab Rules

Food/drinks: No eating or drinking in the lab. Food or drinks may be kept in a sealed container or with a lab attendant.

Computer use: Computers are reserved for use on INRW/ENGL class-related assignments only. For work on other courses, please visit the relevant computer lab or the general computer lab in the Ozuna Library. Computer use will be monitored, and we will deny computer access to students who visit unrelated websites.

Printing: Students in INRW 0420, INRW 0305 and ENGL 1301+ may use the INRW Learning Center printer at ¢10/page with a GoPrint account. Students may create a GoPrint account in our center with a credit or debit card and a $2 (minimum) deposit. Our lab’s VDI computers are also USB accessible for students who are unable to print their work.

Lab environment/volume: A courteous, quiet environment is important for productivity. Student collaboration is encouraged, as long as group members are on topic and respectful of other lab visitors. Personal music should not be heard by others. Use headphones. If group communication is off-topic or distracting to others, we may deny a student credit for his/her lab session or ask him/her to leave.

Sign in/out procedure: Students are required to sign in before their sessions and to sign out before leaving. If students come in for one-on-one tutoring sessions, they will be asked to sign in on their tutor’s computer in addition to signing in/out at the front. Students in 0420 will be denied credit for sessions in which they do not sign out.

One-on-One tutoring: One-on-one tutoring can be guaranteed for 20 min only. Depending on how busy the lab is, we may be able to work with students longer. Students wishing to receive optimal one-on-one tutoring time should try to come by during our slow periods, afternoons and Fridays.


Policies for INRW 0420 Students

Lab requirement: Students in the INRW 0420 course are required to visit the INRW Learning Center for at least one 50 min session each week. The 50 min must be spent in one continuous block. Students are welcome to use the lab more than once during the week, provided that one of the visits is for at least 50 min.

Lab log sheet: Each INRW 0420 student will pick up a lab log sheet from the INRW Learning Center. Students will only receive one of these, so it should be kept in a safe spot. After each lab session is complete, the student will bring his/her lab log to one of the staff members to get his signature. A signature is only valid if the student signs out and stays for at least 50 min. We track student attendance and visit length, and we will deny a student credit if he/she does not follow our clock policy.

Make-Up policy: Make-ups for missed lab visits must be approved by the student’s instructor. The student must bring a written agreement from the instructor, saying that the student may make up the missed session.

Assignment options: INRW 0420 students have several options for assignments on which they are allowed to work.

1.       Working on the “Your Turn” log assignments.

2.       Working online with LearningCurves (the integrated media supplement to the textbook, “Read, Write, Connect: A Guide to College Reading and Writing”).

3.       Attending one of our INRW Review Sessions (see schedule).

4.       Receiving one-on-one tutoring from one of our tutors.

In addition to these four main options, students may also work on any additional assignments their INRW instructor has assigned.

Review sessions: We offer 3-5 review sessions weekly. Our review sessions cover topics like essay writing, reading strategies, grammar, style, and ESL focused support. Attending one of these sessions fulfills the weekly lab requirement. However, credit for the ESL focused sessions is given to ESL students only. See our latest review session schedule here.




Contact Information

Director of Tutoring Services:
Troy Headrick  

Nueces Hall (NH) 114


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