Business & Public Service Advising Institute

Areas of Interest include:  Accounting, Administrative, Banking and Financial, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Human Resources, Human Services, International Business, Legal Administration, Management, Marketing, Music Business, Office Assistant, Real Estate, Basic Fire Fighter, Child Care, Correctional Science, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Court Reporting, Legal Assistance, Criminal Justice, Emergency Management, Early Childhood, Fire Science, Political Science, Leadership/Public Administration, paralegal studies, Social Work Records, Sociology, Teacher

(210) 486-0328  
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Advising Team Lead 

Daniel Barreto
MLC 1st floor

Certified Advisors

Leo Fernandez
Gonzalez Hall 123

Matthias Hinojosa
MLC 1st floor 

Sabrina Macal-Polasek
Oppenheimer Center 225  

Sara Passement
Oppenheimer Center 325  

Sandra Pricer
Oppenheimer Center 325 

Valente Revelez
Oppenheimer Center 225 



Advising Department Hours of Operation Summer 2020

Advising by Appointment: 

Monday 8am – 7pm (last appointment at 6:30pm)

Tuesday 8am – 7pm (last appointment at 6:30pm)

Wednesday 8am – 7pm (last appointment at 6:30pm)

Thursday 8am – 7pm (last appointment at 6:30pm)

Walk-in Advising:

Monday 8am – noon (Zoom room locks at 11:30am)

Tuesday 1 – 7pm (Zoom room locks at 6:30pm)