Creative & Communication Arts Advising Institute

Areas of Interest include:  American Sign Language, Architecture, Art, Communication Design, Dance, Drama, English, Foreign Languages, History, Humanities, International Studies, Journalism, Liberal Arts, Mexican American Studies, Music, Philosophy, Radio-Television-Broadcasting, Speech, and Speech Communications

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Advising Team Lead  

Bonita de Leon
MLC 1st floor

Certified Advisors

Bonnie Clauss
MLC 1st floor 

Jennifer Correa
MCFA 125

Mary Segovia
MLC 1st floor 

Norma Ramirez
MLC 1st floor 

Philip Casarez
MLC 1st floor 

Stephanie Burton 
NTC 114  


Summer 2019 Hours:
June & July

Appointment times for current students:

Mondays | 8am-5pm 
(last appointment at 4:30pm)

Tuesdays | 8am-12pm 
(last appointment at 11:30am)

Wednesdays | 1pm-5pm 
(last appointment at 4:30pm)

Thursdays | 8am-5pm 
(last appointment at 4:30pm)


Walk-in times for current students:

Monday | 5 pm – 7 pm

Tuesdays | 1pm-7pm

Wednesdays | 8am-12pm and 5 pm-7pm

Thursdays | 5pm – 7 pm