Proctoring of External Online Exams

Please note:

At this time we are not accepting new requests for the proctoring of exams by online students whom are not San Antonio College students. We are presently experiencing a very high demand for our college’s internal testing needs among our students. 

Only students whom have made prior arrangements before September 2015 will be able to schedule an appointment for their correspondence exam. New students please contact St. Philip's College (210) 486-2444 or Northeast Lakeview College (210) 486-5400 for Correspondence Exams.

What to do prior to testing:

  • Have your instructor contact Mr. Oscar San Miguel at via email at
  • Your instructor will need to send all test requirements and test materials.
  • Confirm with your instructor that the test materials and/or test have been sent to the SAC Assessment Center.
  • Confirm with Mr. San Miguel that the materials have been received and schedule an appointment via email
  • Correspondence fee is $20.00 per test, due on the day of exam.
  • A valid Photo ID is required (State ID, Federal ID, Student ID, Passport, etc.)
  • The student's external or correspondence exams will be administered according to the prescribed regulation set by the home institution regarding use of notes, books, calculators, time limit, passwords and items necessary to proctor.