TSI Testing for Non Alamo Colleges Students

District Alert: Classes begin remotely on March 23rd.  Updates

The five colleges of the Alamo Colleges District will be servicing students remotely beginning March 23rd due to COVID-19, the Coronavirus. Please be aware that in-person visits at all of our locations are temporarily suspended.  You may communicate with our department via email, sac-assessment@alamo.edu.

Please refer to our college website for updates for resuming full service. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.


For area students who plan to attend a non-Alamo College and need to take the TSI exam as required by their designated college; San Antonio College can proctor the TSI exam by using a voucher issued by your college. Here are the steps that are needed:

With Voucher:

  1. Students will need to contact their college’s Testing Center to request and purchase a voucher in order to test at San Antonio College.
  2. Be sure to complete your college’s Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA).
  3. Your college’s Testing Center will help facilitate the purchase of the Voucher, and upon payment, they will create the voucher and it will be electronically sent to the student and to San Antonio College.
  4. Upon receiving your voucher, San Antonio College Assessment and Testing Center will notify the student via email, with information including testing times, dates, location and the $20 proctor fee.
  5. Print out your voucher. It must be brought with you on day of the exam.  
  6. A valid photo ID is required.
  7. Once the student completes the TSI exam, the test scores will automatically uploaded into your college system. No record of the test scores will be available at San Antonio College.  
  8. Student will need to follow up with their respective college advisors after the exam.