Virtual Remote and Regular Remote TSI Testing

STEP I:  We offer two types of remote testing for the TSI:

A)     Virtual Remote testing, you can take the TSI exam at home by using your home computer. Your home computer will need to meet certain requirements in order to carry the exam remotely.  Virtual testing is proctored by a company named Examity.  Virtual testing, offers an alternative vehicle for testing, targeting those students that for good reason cannot come in person to test. For example, students that have mobility/ medical reasons, students that live outside the city, state or country especially for online students, students that cannot get away from work to test, etc.   You will first need to find out if your home computer has the capability to carry the Virtual Remote testing requirements.  In order to find out do the following:

Complete a home computer system check by using Examity’s diagnostic tool:

Go to

Under "Computer Requirements" on the right side of the screen, look for "Test your computer requirements here" and follow the link.

This diagnostic check will let you know if the all the system checks meet the requirements by indicating a "PASS" or "FAIL" for each category. All system categories will need to indicate a "PASS."

Student will need to notify us, if the computer meets all the requirements to test virtually at home by emailing:

Oscar C. San Miguel at  On this e-mail, mention your complete name, banner number and location. If your computer fails the requirements, then regular remote testing through Accuplacer will be needed.

B)     Remote Testing through Accuplacer:  A local college in your area will need to proctor your exam. Remote testing is for students that live outside the city, state or even in a foreign country and cannot come in person to test. Please e-mail Oscar C. San Miguel at  the following.

You complete name, banner number and location which includes city, state (country if applicable).

We will do a preliminary search in your area to see the list of colleges that participate in Accuplacer remote testing.

If your home computer qualifies for virtual testing and for those students resorting to regular remote testing will need to complete the following step to demonstrate their intentions to attend SAC.


STEP II.  Student will need to meet certain SAC Enrollment Steps before a voucher is created for either virtual or regular remote testing.

 Here are the steps that will need to be completed prior to testing:

  1. Complete and submit your admission application at ( allow 3-4 days for application to process)
  2. Have a current application and a  student banner number
  3. Submitted official high school transcript  /college transcripts/GED scores.
  4. Complete AlamoENROLL modules in your ACES Account:

-        Go FAARR 

-        Test Prep


STEP III:  Student will need pay the TSI Testing Fee:

We will notify the student on what TSI sections they will need to test on, the TSI testing fee will depend on what section(s) that the student will need to test on.  For example, it will be $32.00 for all three sections of the TSI exam., $24.00 and if you require two sections, it will be $12.00 for one section. The sections are writing, reading and math.   We will email the student the link to our online payment system, once payment is made, a copy of the receipt will be need to be email to  for proof of payment.

Please keep in mind that Examity will charge an additional fee of $25 for their Virtual proctoring fee and for regular remote testing, the respective college will charge you their own proctoring which varies from college to college.


STEP IV:  Create Voucher

After proof of payment is received, a Testing Voucher will be emailed to you and to Examity if you are testing virtually and to your area college if you are testing through regular remote testing.  If testing virtually, Examity will email detail instructions on how to proceed.  If testing through regular remote testing, then the voucher will have the contact information for the college and the student will need to contact the college.  Upon payment, please allow 1-2 business days to receive your Testing Voucher




STEP V.   Completion of Virtual and Regular Remote testing.

The SAC assessment center will receive an automatic notice informing us that the student has completed their exam. We will check to confirm that the test scores have been uploaded and the TSI hold has been released.

We will e-mail the student of such and will give them an update on any enrollment steps that are pending along with instruction on how to address them.