Empowerment Center Labs

Student Computer Lab

The Student Computer Lab is a self-service lab for students on Empowerment Center caseloads.  This computer lab is not open to the public and all users must be registered for the current semester. If all computers are in use, students who are doing homework will have priority.

The Student Resource lab may be used for school related needs including:

  •  Work related to courses
  •  Accessing ACES account
  •  Accessing e-mail
  •  Researching/applying for scholarships
  •  On-line class registration

The Student Computer Lab is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m.to 4:30 p.m. and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

College Transition Lab (CTL)    

The College Transition Lab is for individuals entering college for the first time or after an absence from school. It is staffed by a certified peer advisor. 

Limited hours of availability.  Please call us to check for times.  

  • Apply Texas (admissions)
  • ACES (on-line center for all your student information)
  • Assistance with Alamo Navigate
  • Assistance with GO FAARR Modules
  • Bacterial Meningitis form

Computer Usage Policy

By using an Empowerment Center computer, you agree to follow Computer Lab rules and policies. Failure to comply with any of the rules or policies will result in immediate removal from the lab.

  1. NO food or drinks are allowed to be consumed while using the computer lab.
  2. DO NOT change any of the computer settings OR install software.
  3. Use of computers for non-educational purposes is not allowed.
  4. Computer users must abide by the San Antonio College Code of Conduct.
  5. Please silence cell phones and take calls outside.
  6. Place personal items under the table and do not leave unattended.
  7. Please be sure to save your documents on a portable storage media device (i.e. flash drives) and not the computer.
  8. Maximum number of pages allotted is 20 pages per day and must be school-related. Excessive printing will result in loss of printing privileges.
  9. Printing of pages from books is not allowed.
  10. Printing is only available to students on Empowerment Center caseloads.