Technical Support Staff

 At San Antonio College, Technical Support is organized by zoned service area. Each zone represents several buildings with a specific geographical area of the campus. A Zone leader and Zone staff are assigned to each zone.

Download the Technical Support Zone Map

For additional information on buildings and staff within each zone, please refer to the list below: 

Zone 1

Buildings: Fletcher Administration Center, Koehler House, Ashby, Child Development, Longwith Radio Television Film, Visual Arts Center, District Facilities, CE Annex, Facilities, McAllister Fine Arts
Zone Staff: Juanita Estep, and Chris Arriaga

Zone 2
Buildings: Moody Learning Center, Eco Centro, and Victory Center
Zone Staff: Miguel Lopez

Zone 3
Buildings: Chance Academic Center, Campus Police, Duran Welcome Center, EDUC Portables
Zone Staff: Alex Saucedo and Juan Zamora

Zone 4
Buildings: Empowerment Center, Nursing and Allied Health Complex, Susan R. and Jesse H. Oppenheimer Academic Center
Zone Staff: Richard Berry and Nestor Rivera

Zone 5
Buildings: Candler Physical Education Center, Chemistry and Geology, Center for Academic Enrichment, Scobee Education Center, and Nail Technical Center
Zone Staff: Cheri Sanchez, Bob Lay, and Hamid Ibaroudene

Zone 6
Buildings: McCrelles Hall, Gonzales Hall, Loftin Student Center
Zone Staff: Irene Garcia and Frank Marcie

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