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Our Office of Technology Services Instructional Innovation Center exists to provide support to facilitate learning, growth, and development of the faculty and staff at San Antonio College.  In-person and online technology training workshops are available for faculty and staff on a monthly basis.  Workshops and training sessions range from basic to advanced technical offerings.

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Course Topic

Training Duration

Delivery Mode

Adobe OC Professional-Basics 1 hour F2F-Hands On
01 Faculty Online Certification Course (Pedagogy) 8 hours Online Only
Prezi: Basics 1 hour F2F
Canvas 1: Tools 2 hours F2F-Hands On
SAC Online Certification 2 hours F2F-Hands On
Windows 10  1 hour F2F-Hands On
iPAD 101 1 hour F2F-Hands On
Authentic Assessment Strategies for Online Learning 1.5 hours F2F-Webcast

Improving Online Course Accessibility for Students with Disabilities:

  • Session 1: Understanding Accessibility Regulations and Guidelines
  • Session 2: Online Accessibility: Tools, Tips, Resources, and Best Practices
1.5 hours F2F-Webcast
4DX Overview Workshop  2 hour F2F-Hands On
My 4DX.com Training 1 hour F2F-Hands On

"Access"erize Your Course-
(Five tips for addressing
Accessibility in an online course)

1 hour F2F-Hands On
Applying the QM Rubric 8 hours F2F-Hands On
Applying the QM Rubric Online 2 weeks Online
Audacity 1 hour F2F-Hands On
BioSig ID Training 1 hour F2F-Hands On
Canvas Quickie for Face-to-Face Teaching 1 hour F2F-Hands On
Canvas Tools 101 2 weeks Online
Closed Captioned Video 1 hour F2F-Hands On
Excel Training-A Quick "How To" 1 hour F2F-Hands On
Intro to Windows 10 1 hour F2F-Hands On
Microsoft Word 2016-The Basics 1 hour F2F-Hands On
SAC Online Certification 9 weeks Online