Middle School Partners

Middle School Program Flyer

What is the Middle School Partners Program?
The Middle School Partners program, offered at 14 SAISD middle schools, helps over-aged middle school students simultaneously earn middle and high school credits, giving students the opportunity to catch up to their peers in high school.
SAC has joined forces and has mentors come out to Irving and Rhoades Middle Schools to help students in the program with social skills, testing techniques, how to prepare and get ready for college, and guidance on what it takes to be a college student.

What kind of a commitment am I making?
If you volunteer to be a mentor, you are committing to visiting your mentee for at least one hour per week, as determined with the program coordinator and MSP teacher, based on your availability. You should be ready to get to know your mentee, be willing to have conversations about attending college and pursuing careers, as well as sharing your advice and experiences.

What is in it for me?
There are a number of incentives for being a mentor! Through the program, we offer a variety of prizes, based on the number of hours spent volunteering, in addition to the intrinsic rewards and additional skills developed to add to your resume!

How do I apply?
Fill out this form: Mentor Application