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Virtual Challenger Missions

Interested in Virtual Missions? The Challenger Learning Center team has developed two virtual missions which may be experienced in a classroom, hybrid or entirely virtual environment. Each mission requires students to be working individually on their internet supported device as a member of a team. Students on each team will work with their colleagues to undertake research and analysis tasks to successfully complete their mission. Each mission is led by a Scobee Commander and runs for approximately 45 to 60 minutes and may support 8 to 24 students depending upon the mission selected. A $100 fee is charged for each mission. Find out more about our Destination to Mars, Europa Encounter, and Destination Moon by contacting Rick Varner at

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    Students will go on a mission to analyze data and determine which of the Red Planet's moons is the best location for building a research base.

    Designed for grades 4 - 6.

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    It is the year 2042, and astronauts have traveled from Earth to Jupiter in a space station equipped with a vehicle that will travel to Jupiter’s moon, Europa, to launch a probe into the icy moon.

    Designed for grades 6 - 8.

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    The Mission: A team of researchers is ready to return to the Moon to explore its surface and establish a second habitat for astronauts to live and work!

    Designed for grades 7 - 8.