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August 2019 Friday Night Public Show Schedule

Public shows at the Scobee Education Center Planetarium are presented only on Friday evenings when parking for the general public is available on campus. NOTICE: SAC’s address is 1819 N. Main Ave.  with free parking in Lot 16 and the five level parking garage in non-reserved spaces. Our building is located in the center of campus across from the Candler Gym and between the Nail Technical and Chemistry/Geology Buildings

Friday Night Planetarium Presentations for August 2 & 9, 2019  The planetarium will be closed on August 16 & 23, 2019.

Friday at 6:30pm – “ACCIDENTAL ASTRONAUTS – This is our family show. All ages may attend. Follow the adventures of Cy and Annie and their dog Armstrong as they embark on an unexpected journey into space! Explore the Earth, Sun and Moon system with a wise-cracking starship computer. Bounce along with them on the surface of the Moon. Get up close and personal with a solar storm. And gain a new appreciation of our home planet. "The Accidental Astronauts" is a space adventure for all ages.  Show duration: 40 minutes. Tickets go on sale at 6:00PM.

Friday at 7:30 PM – “THE SKY TONIGHT” – Children must be 6 and above to attend. This program takes the audience on a “live” tour of the wonders of the San Antonio sky. The show highlights the Moon, the evening and morning planets, plus we’ll identify several of the brightest stars and constellations visible in the current sky.  The Sky Tonight is a "live" lecture.  Show duration: 45-50 minutes. Tickets go on sale at 7:00pm.

Friday at 9:00 PM – “SATURN- JEWEL OF THE HEAVENS – Children must be 6 and above to attend.  Relivethe Cassini mission as we embark on a spectacular voyage to one of the most beautiful worlds of the solar system – Saturn! Once a planet of great mystery, we know more than ever about Saturn thanks to our robotic space pioneers. From the planet’s bizarre moons and their mysterious features, to the millions of icy particles that compose Saturn’s enigmatic rings, this program is the next best thing to an actual journey to the sun’s sixth planet.   Show duration: 45 minutes. Tickets go on sale at 8:30PM.


Ticket Prices

Ticket sales begin 30 minutes prior to show time at the Ticket Office.  Capacity is exactly 101 seats.  Come early.  Shows start promptly and late admission is not permitted.  Tickets and seating are "first come-first served."  No reservations taken.


Parents, please do not ask us to waive the age restrictions for the 7:30pm and 9:00pm shows.


Children under 17 - $4.00 per show

Adults age 18 and above - $5.00 per show

Seniors 65 and above - $4.00 per show

Military with ID - $4.00 per show

Students, faculty, & staff of Alamo Colleges $2.00 per show with current ID.


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Website: www.SACSCOBEE.ORG

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The Scobee Education Center will not be open on the following dates: Sept. 2, Nov. 28-29 and Dec. 19, 2019 -Jan 2, 2020.

Scobee Education Center Planetarium theater will be closed during the San Antonio College intersession to reopen to the public with the next month’s programming on Friday, August 30, 2019.