Proctored Exams

Our test proctoring services are not available until further notice.


S.L.A.C. Exam Proctoring Policy

The S.L.A.C. is here to assist the students of the Alamo Colleges District in proctoring make-up exams.

  • We do not proctor tests for any institution or organization outside of the Alamo Colleges District
  • The proctoring services are intended for make-up exams only.
  • We will not proctor regular lecture and online course exams for the entire class.
  • We will proctor make-up exams for select students (5 or less) at the approval of the instructor. 
  • There will be no exam proctoring during Maymester or in between semesters.
  • Students must complete their exam by the set closing time for test proctoring services.

Depending on the amount of students needing proctoring, there may be a waiting period so don't wait to the last minute to take a test.

The normal proctoring hours for the S.L.A.C. are between the following hours.

Fall and Spring semesters:

Mondays-Thursdays: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Fridays: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm 
Saturdays: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm.

Summer semesters:

Mondays-Thursdays: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

NOTE: These hours are subject to change due to other scheduled events/classes so please call us at (210) 486-0165 to confirm the current testing hours before coming to the lab.


How to get an exam proctored: 

  • Complete the current S.L.A.C. Protoring Exam form with all testing instructions, test deadline, any restrictions, and necessary passwords to start the test
    • Please do not use your own form or a form from a different department
  • The instruction form needs to have the course, course number and section number filled in
  • Provide a list of students (5 or less) with banner IDs that are authorized to take the make-up exam
  • If a paper test, provide a copy of test for the authorized students
  • Submit all testing documentation
    • drop it off to the S.L.A.C. in the Moody Learning Center, Suite 707;
    • e-mail it to us at
    • or fax it to us at (210) 486-9261.
  • Testing requests submitted without all required information will delay making the test available to students

You may download a PDF copy of the SLAC Proctoring Exam Form using the link below or on our Share Point site.

SLAC Proctoring Exam Form (PDF)

How S.L.A.C. Proctors Exams

The Student Learning Assistance Center has a dedicated proctoring room for proctoring exams and we provide a locker where students can securely place their items. All exams are secured in a locked file cabinet. This cabinet is locked every day and only certain employees are able to access it.

  • The student will come the front service desk with proper photo identification
    • Alamo Colleges student ID or any official government issued ID (i.e., Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport, etc.)
    • We do not accept credit cards with pictures on them as proof of identification
    • Tests will not be proctored to students without photo identification
  • The student will tell the S.L.A.C. employee assisting them the name of their instructor, the course and section number, and the name of the exam they are here to take
  • The S.L.A.C. employee will go over the testing instructions submitted by the instructor
  • The student will be signed into our Test Proctoring database program
  • Any items not permitted in the testing room will be locked in a locker
  • The student will then be taken into the proctoring room
    • While testing students are under surveillance through use of security cameras and LanSchool
    • All testing violations will be documented and reported to the instructor
  • When a student’s alloted time is up, the test proctoring database will notify the proctor in the room and the test will be collected.
  • The student is signed out of the test proctoring database and sent to the front service desk to collect their belonging
  • Completed exams are filed for the instructor to pick up
    • Completed exams can be scanned and emailed if requested
    • Tests not picked up after a semester will be scanned and then shredded


Please assist us in providing excellent services to our students by using the updated version and completely filling out the Proctoring Exam Form. These forms are located on our website, Share Point site and at our front desk.


Last Updated: 12/08/2020