Proctored Exams

S.L.A.C. Make-Up Exam Proctoring Policy

The Student Learning Assistance Center is here to assist the students of the Alamo Colleges District in proctoring make-up exams. The proctoring services of the S.L.A.C. are intended for make-up exams only.

The S.L.A.C. will not proctor regular lecture and online course exams for the entire class. We will proctor make-up exams for select students (5 or less) at the approval of the instructor. 

The normal proctoring hours for the S.L.A.C. are between the following hours, during the Fall and Spring semesters:

NOTE: These hours are subject to change due to other scheduled events/classes so please call us at (210) 486-0165 to confirm the current testing hours before coming to the lab.

Mondays-Thursdays: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Fridays: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm 
Saturdays: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm.

During the Summer Session:

Mondays-Thursdays: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

Student must complete their exam by the end time.

For example: If a student arrives at 6:41pm on a Tuesday evening (when we stop proctoring at 7:30pm) to take an exam, then they will have less than an hour to complete their test since all tests will be collected at 7:30pm whether the student is finished or not.

NOTE: These hours are subject to change due to other events scheduled in the testing room so please call us at (210) 486-0165 to confirm the testing hours on the day you intend to test.

There will be no exam proctoring during Maymester or in between semesters.

How to get an exam proctored: 

Please have your instructor submit a completed S.L.A.C. Proctoring Exam Form along with a list of students (including their banner IDs) that will need to be proctored by:

  • dropping it off to the Student Learning Assistance Center in the Moody Learning Center, Suite 707;
  • e-mailing it to us at
  • or faxing it to us at (210) 486-9261.

FYI… We do not recommend using the campus mail service, please either drop off the exams, e-mail, or fax it.

*If you have a printed exam that requires more than two student copies, please make an adequate amount of copies and drop them off at the S.L.A.C. If two or fewer students are taking the exam, you can e-mail us the test and we will printout the copies.

You may download a PDF copy of the SLAC Proctoring Exam Form using the link below or on our Share Point site.

SLAC Proctoring Exam Form (PDF)

How S.L.A.C. Proctors Exams

The Student Learning Assistance Center has a dedicated proctoring room for proctoring exams and we provide a locker where students can securely place their items. All exams are secured in a locked file cabinet. This cabinet is locked every day and only certain employees are able to access it.

When a student first arrives at the S.L.A.C., they must sign in at the front desk and know their instructor's name, their course and the name of the exam they are wishing to take. If a student does not know this information, they are asked to look that information up in ACES. Once the student has the information we proceed with asking for a college ID or any official government issued ID (i.e., Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport, etc.). We do not accept credit cards with pictures on them. Depending on the amount of students needing proctoring, there may be a waiting period so don't wait to the last minute to take a test.

We sign the student into our Proctoring Exam database and place them at a proctoring station. We have a running account of who is currently taking an exam. Once a student’s time is up, our database will notify the proctor and we will take up that exam. Once the exam is completed we will file the test accordingly to the instructions provided to us by the instructor.

All instructors are responsible for picking up their own exams or having a representative from their respective departments pick up the exams for them.

Please assist us in providing excellent services to our students by using the updated version and completely filling out the Proctoring Exam Form. These forms are located on our website, Share Point site and at our front desk.