SLAC Room Reservations

The Student Learning Assistance Center have a conference room and computer classrooms that are available for Alamo Colleges faculty and staff to reserve.  The reservations are made on a first come basis.  

Current rooms and capacity

Room Capacity
MLC 707B Conference Room 8 Chairs
MLC 707J Classroom 29 PCs
MLC 707M1 Classroom

36 Thin Clients

MLC 707Q Classroom 32 Thin Clients
MLC 707R Classroom 32 Thin Clients


    • The conference room currently doesn't have a computer
    • All computer classrooms have a faculty/staff workstation, projector, document scanner and whiteboard. 
    • Room MLC 707J is equipped with two projectors - one at the front and one at the rear of the classroom.


Information needed

If the reservation is being made for a class, then we will need the

      • course number
      • section number
      • CRN. 

Students normally sign in and out of the lab at the front desk each time they visit the lab.  However, we don't want to delay your class with students signing in at the front desk so we use your class information to create a sign-in roster for the day of your visit.  When you arrive for your class stop at the front desk to pick up the sign-in sheet and your students can go directly to the classroom. After your class is done return the completed sign-in sheet to the front desk.  This will allow us to record the students present as a group and maintain accurate records of students utilizing the lab.

If the reservation is not for a class, then we just need a description of the event so that when attendees for your event arrive we can direct them to the correct room.


If after scheduling a room reservation, you don't need the room please make sure to send us an email  or call notifying us that you no longer need the reservation so that the room can be made available for other faculty/staff.


Submitting requests



Last Updated: March 1, 2023