Health and Wellness

THINK LIVE BE WELL- The Student Advocacy Center’s Health and Wellness Program uses evidence-based information to develop and implement programming on the SAC campus. It is our goal to provide resources and education that foster healthy living. Our hope is to empower students to make healthy lifestyle choices that will increase their quality of life.   



SAC is dedicated to our students and offers many services that fall under the 10 Dimensions of Health, keeping students healthy and in class to pursue their academic goals. Click the links below to find out more.

Emotional Wellness:

Emotional Wellness: being able to effectively express and manage your entire range of emotions/feelings and are comfortable identifying an area of concern and reaching out about the area of concern
Student Advocacy Center: personal counselor
Disability services
Veteran services

Career Wellness:

Career Wellness: feeling confident in your ability to obtain a job after graduation in your specific area of interest and/or holding a job while in school to provide yourself with financial support.
Career services: contact Jenny and Dr. Whitney Texas workforce center: contact jenny
Career coach Career category survey
Internships/ job placements Volunteer

Social Wellness:

Social Wellness: the ability to identify a network of people (or an individual) who can offer you support and that bind a mutual trust and respect, and who has a sensitivity towards your needs.
SAC Student Clubs and Organizations REC Sports
Veteran services Student petition

Spiritual Wellness:

Spiritual Wellness: feeling a sense of purpose which may involve meditation, prayer, affirmations, or specific spiritual practices that support your connection to a higher power or belief system.
Bible Studies Church of Christ Student Center
Meditation club Catholic Center

Physical Wellness:

Physical wellness: the ability to get adequate sleep, eat a balanced nutritious diet, engage in exercise, practice safe sex, engage in healthy relationships, and attend regular medical check-ups.
Clinic (coming soon) Fitness center BAE B SAFE
Candler- Physical Activity Walk A Mile loop Backyard Beast
Kinesiology Club Intermural Disability Services

Financial Wellness:

Financial Wellness: being fully aware of your financial status with the ability to pay bills on time, can create and abide by a budget, and is able to save money to achieve personal goals.
Financial literacy: contact Tim Student Advocacy Center Case Managers
Financial Aid Financial coaching
Budget tracker

Intellectual Wellness:

Intellectual Wellness: having the opportunity to actively learn without barriers
Student Advocacy center services SAC policies
Writing center Tutor
Student learning assistant center

Creative Wellness:

Creative Wellness: having the opportunity to actively participate in a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences that aid in understanding and appreciating ones self and others
Art Department McAllister Fine Arts Center
Bennett Music Hall Scobee
McCreless Auditorium

Environmental Wellness:

Environmental Wellness: First and foremost, the ability to live and learn in an environment that is safe and free of harm. Additionally, recognizing the responsibility to interconnectedness of nature and the individual.
Student Advocacy Center Services Eco-Centro
Community Gardens Disability Services

Cultural Wellness:

Cultural Wellness: feeling supported and supporting cultural diversity in your community. It involves building positive relationships and interacting respectfully with people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and ages.
Non-traditional Student Club