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TutorMeeting IDSchedule

Arellano, AJ

148 882 837


12:00P - 3:00P
4:00P - 7:00P

Chavez, Maria

337 371 212


4:00P - 7:00P
8:00A - 12:30P

Flores, Marina

706 417 2435


10:30A - 12:30P
9:00A - 12:00P

Lerma, Samantha

964 533 099 M
10:00A - 3:00P
10:00A - 11:30A

Martinez, Raul

662 446 313 MTWR
5:30P - 7:00P
11:00A - 4:00P

Mendez, Cristal

842 181 417 T
4:00P - 7:00P
12:00P - 3:30P
12:00P - 3:00P
1:00P - 3:00P

Saldana, Rick

243 733 358
706 458 276
340 268 079
244 429 811


Trevino, Juliet

753 186 005 M
12:30P - 4:00P
10:00A - 12:00P
11:30A - 3:00P

Velez, Jacqueline

294 697 011 M
8:00A - 10:00A
12:00P - 2:30P
8:00A - 11:30A


The Writing Center is offering writing workshops via zoom. If you would like to have more information or request a tutoring appointment, please email us at sac-wctr@alamo.edu.


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The College Writing Center offers free services to students, faculty, staff, and community members. Our professional tutors are here to help you with writing from any discipline. Whether you need assistance with understanding an assignment, generating ideas, creating a thesis, or organizing your paper, our tutors can help you improve your writing skills.  

We promote student learning and thinking by helping writers focus on issues of meaning and by involving them in reflection on their own work. By building collaborative peer relations with student writers and modeling appropriate academic behavior, we help students build the confidence, articulate the ideas, acquire the strategies, and learn the skills to engage effectively in their writing processes.

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 Writing Center Services  


We offer one-on-one peer tutoring. Our tutoring sessions are up to 45 minutes. What to Expect from your Tutoring Session.
 Open Lab: The Writing Center is also an open lab with computers and tables where students can work. 
 Writing Resources: We also have an extensive collection of writing references, handouts, and other books on writing. 
 Writing Workshops: The Writing Center also offers workshops for faculty upon request.
 Frequent Writer Program:  Come three or more times for a tutoring appointment and win cool stuff! See below for details.


Spring 2020 Hours of Operation
Located at Gonzales Hall, Room 203

Monday: 8:00am- 4:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00am- 4:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am- 4:00pm
Thursday: 8:00am- 4:00pm
Friday: Closed
Weekends: Closed


How to Set a Tutoring Appointment

  • Come visit us in person or phone us to set an appointment:  210-486-1433.  
  • Online Tutoring Appointments Now Available


Writing Center Special Offering

See below for information on our Frequent Writer Card Program:

Frequent Writer Program

Stop by the Writing Center and pick up your Frequent Writer Card.
Research had shown that students who come in for tutoring sessions often, and follow the suggestions of the tutors, are more likely to increase their grade by a whole letter grade. Therefore, to motivate you to come in and succeed, we have lots of great prices you can earn after you complete three sessions, The more sessions you come, the more prices you can get.
Prices include backpacks, books, shirts, etc.

Also, after every third tutoring session, your name will be entered in a drawing at the end of the semester! Get smart and get free stuff!


Excellence in Writing Awards 

To Alamo Colleges faculty,

The SAC Writing Center's annual Excellence in Writing Ceremony is on its way, and we here at the Center invite you to nominate exemplary writers from the Spring 2020 and Fall 2019 semesters! The ceremony will be held on March 19th, 2020 in the Fiesta Room of the Loftin Student Center from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The deadline for submissions is March 8th 2020 at 5pm. Any submissions posted after the deadline will not be included in the ceremony.

Spring 2020 and Fall 2019 Excellence in Writing Ceremony Nomination Form


Faculty Partner Program

The Writing Center works with faculty to support the writing that students do in their class. We encourage faculty to contact us and let us know about their assignments and goals for the use of writing in their curriculum. We also can assist faculty in creating assignment or supporting the writing in their classroom. We can even present a workshop in a faculty member's classroom upon request. Contact Jane Focht-Hansen for more information: jfocht-hansen@alamo.edu


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