Academic Success Centers, Director

Geraldo R. Guerra, M.A.

Faculty Liaison:

Caroline Davis, M.A
English Faculty
Gonzalez Hall 224B
(210) 486-1436

Academic Program Specialist 

Christian Villarreal
Moody Learning Center 205 B  210-486-0678



Tutors & Student Assistants

CRLA Certified Level III Tutors  CRLA Certified Level II Tutors   

Maria Chavez

Delaney Montez
Katarina Guzman
Druscilla Ozornia
Rachel Baker

CRLA Certified Level I Tutors

Neda Ebrahimi

Student Assistants

Abbigayle Hernandez

Staff Biographies 

Caroline Davis is a part of the English Faculty here at San Antonio College. She has worked with and for the SAC Writing Center for many years in distinct positions such as a CRLA Level I, II, and III tutor, Academic Specialist, and now Faculty Champion/Liaison. In addition to the SAC Writing Center, her involvement with writing centers also includes the Texas State Writing Center where she worked as a Coordinator, Admin, Staff, Tutor Trainer, and Tutor. She has presented several presentations and discussions at the CCCC’s, NCTE, and IWCA conferences, as well as completed her master’s in Rhetoric and Composition focusing on User-Centered Design, Tutors, Students, and Writing Center Websites. 

Christian Villarreal graduated from San Antonio College with an A.A. in 2016. He then went on to attend Texas A&M University-San Antonio and graduated with a B.A. in English. Christian is currently attending the University of Texas at San Antonio in pursuit of his Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Since 2015 Christian has served San Antonio College as an English Tutor, Student Success Specialist for SACMEN, and Senior Student Success Specialist for SACMEN and the INRW Center.

Maria A. Chavez: I am a former SAC graduate with AS in Biology/Pre-Nursing Degree. I then decided to continue my education in the nursing program at SAC which I will be completing this coming spring 2020. I have been tutoring with the writing Center since Fall 2016 and now I am a CRLA Level 3 master English tutor. 

Delaney Montez graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a BA in Global Affairs. She has a background in technical writing and spends her spare time reading classical literature. Her goal is to attend law school. As a tutor here at the SAC Writing Center, she hopes to help others become confident in their own writing and walk away from sessions feeling proud of their work.

Hi, ya'll I'm Dru Ozornia. It's been a pleasure tutoring in the Writing Center for a year now. Currently, I am a junior studying for a bachelor's degree in Rehabilitative Science. I graduated from San Antonio College in the Summer of 2020 with an associate degree in Biology: Pre-Professional. My lifetime goal is to make a difference in my community by assisting, teaching, and encouraging others. 
Katie Guzman is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas in Houston with a BA in Studio Art with a Minor in Creative Writing. She is also a current student at Northwest Vista College, pursuing a certificate in Digital Media. She has a background in editing and working with student-published writing magazines and herself enjoys writing in her free time. She hopes that her work with students will help them feel more confident in their writing and learn to love writing.
Rachel Baker has a BS in Biology with a Chemistry minor, a MS in Administration (HR concentration), and a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  She has a strong belief in life long learning and brings varied life experiences to the SAC Writing Center.  Her goal is to empower students in their writing abilities and make a genuine difference.
Hi! My name is Neda Ebrahimi. I love to learn, and have been in school my whole life. Until I took a break to have my son. Now those two things share space in my heart. I have a M.A. in English Literature from the University of Texas at San Antonio. But it all started here at San Antonio College in 2007. If I am not tutoring or wrangling a five year old, I am reading the latest novel or working on my new poem or novel. I firmly believe reading and writing should be accessible to everyone. So come talk to me, together we’ll find your new favorite author!
Dominic Gonzalez is a San Antonio native, and an alum of San Antonio College and UT San Antonio. When he’s not reading and writing, you can find him volunteering, cooking, running, riding his bike, and spending time with his family. “Dom” has the heart of a public servant, so he is drawn to opportunities that help whole communities. His aspirations have led him through a career in public organizations a local government fellowship, and a term of national service for AmeriCorps VISTA. These days, you can find him in neighborhood association meetings and in newspapers, where he comments on public affairs. Right now, Dom is completing research for his Master’s degree in Public Administration, but he will always be a lifelong learner who is dedicated to the mission of San Antonio College.
My name is Abbigayle Hernandez this is my first year at San Antonio College. I will be attending SAC for two years then I will transfer to Texas A&M San Antonio to earn my Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice. I graduated high school with a Private Security Program Level Two Certificate. My free time consists of drawing, playing the piano, learning new songs on the guitar and also listening to music.