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Academic Liaison:

Jane Focht-Hansen


CRLA Certified Level III Tutors  CRLA Certified Level I Tutors   

Crystal Escobales
Carlos Lopez
AJ Arellano
Maria Chavez
Sam Lerma
Juliet Trevino
Cristal Mendez
Raul Martinez



Staff Biographies 

Juliet Trevino: Juliet is a SAC graduate. She currently attends UTSA, and is earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with an English Language Arts and Reading Concentration. She enjoys singing, photography, and writing. Juliet is a level 3+ CRLA tutor.

Melissa Reiger: Melissa is a Mortuary Sciences major at SAC with a strong creative background. Although she writes professionally, her other interests include music, visual arts, and linguistics. As an advocate for educational programs, she is passionate about empowering writers with the skills necessary to succeed.

Rick Saldana: Rick Saldana currently works as an Academic Program Specialist with the Quality Enhancement Plan which includes tutoring at the writing center, assisting with library instruction, and conducting data driven research. Rick is also a graduate student at St. Mary's University where they are pursuing a Master's in English Literature and Language. Most recently, their article, "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough of What?: Ideological Excess in Michael Jackson", was published in Pecan Grove Review. Their main research interests are rhetoric, cultural studies, ideology, and horror literature.

Crystal Escobales: Crystal Escobales is one of the Academic Program Specialists at the Writing Center. As a former SAC graduate, she decided to come back to SAC to help students succeed through tutoring. Today, she is a CRLA Master English tutor, ESL specialist. In addition, she has a BA in Modern Language Studies with a focus on Japanese, a Minor in Spanish, and an MA in TESOL. 

Maria A. Chavez: I am a former SAC graduate with AS in Biology/Pre-Nursing Degree. I then decided to continue my education in the nursing program at SAC which I will be completing this coming spring 2020. I have been tutoring with the writing Center since Fall 2016 and now I am a CRLA level 3 master English tutor. 

Carlos Lopez: My name is Carlos. I am a SAC alumnus and a recent graduate of U.T.S.A.’s M.A in Philosophy program. I study applied ethics. My hobbies include playing guitar, building motorcycles, and owning cats. I’ve been a part of the SAC Writing Center family since 2009.  

Venus Vallecillo: Hello, my name is Venus Vallecillo. I am 18 years old and I work at the Writing Center. My current major is sociology, but I am planning on changing it to criminal psychology soon. My expected year of graduation is 2021 with my associates. 

Andres Elizardo: Howdy y’all my name is Andres! I’ve been working at the sac writing center for two semesters now. My major is Mortuary Science and my expected graduation date is 2021. I like to think of myself as a very honest and open person whose easy to talk to and fun to be around. There isn’t a day that goes by that’s not filled with laughter and big smiles. 

Reyna Pimentel: Hello, My name is Reyna Pimentel and I am 27 years old. I am a tutor in the writing center. In the Spring of 2020 I will be transferring to Texas A&M to pursue my Bachelors degree as a Teacher.

Sam Lerna: Sam Lerma is currently a senior finishing her English degree with a double minor in Creative Writing and Spanish. She is a native of San Antonio. She aspires to become an educator and a writer.

Joseph Garcia: My name is Joseph Garcia and I am a SAC student. I was born and raised in southside of San Antonio. I graduated from Harlandale High school. In my spare time I play a little guitar, try to replicate Stanley Kubrick’s work, and sometimes bore friends with useless information.

AJ Arellano: Hello there! I'm AJ, CRLA Level III Master Tutor here at the SAC Writing Center. I have been working here for about three years and consider myself to be well versed in Writing. Currently, I attend Texas A&M San Antonio where I will be graduating in the Spring of 2020 with my Bachelor's Degree in Biology. Feel free to stop by the Writing Center and ask me any questions!