Vela's View: You Can Do It!

by Dr. Robert Vela 

Volume 1, Issue 2 - April 2016

Vela's View is a reoccurring column about the importance of education and higher learning.  Written from the perspective of Dr. Robert Vela, President of San Antonio College, it provides insight into the world of higher education and addresses topics related to education as a whole.  

Going to College

Too many times I hear people say, “School is not for me.”  They think because they didn’t do well in high school that they can’t go to college. That is simply not true. I believe that school can be for you, if you want it. You just have to tell yourself, “YOU CAN DO IT.” 

Like all of the colleges in Alamo Colleges District, San Antonio College has an open-admissions policy which means anyone can come to SAC. You don’t have to be a “good student,” you just need to have the desire to learn. 

Each semester, we serve over 20,000 students. In fact, we are one of the largest single-campus community colleges in the state of Texas. We pride ourselves in providing students with an excellent education at an affordable price. 

Whether you want to earn a degree so that you can transfer to UTSA or Texas A&M San Antonio or you want to earn a certificate in a specific field—at SAC, you can do it all. Our faculty and staff work hard every day to make sure our community knows that “going to college” and graduating can be a reality.

Enrollment Steps

So, where do you begin? We know getting started can sometimes be the hardest part. Don’t be scared. YOU CAN DO IT. 

To get help, you can visit us in person at the Tino & Millie Duran Welcome Center, or, you can go online to to get started. 

There are 8 Basic Enrollment Steps you will need to complete:

Step 1: Complete the application for admission. 
Step 2: Submit official documents. 
Step 3: Get the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination, if you are under the age of 22. 
Step 4: Complete the online “AlamoENROLL” modules.
Step 5: Take the TSI college-readiness exam.
Step 6: Take a “refresher” course, if required. 
Step 7: Sign-up for New Student Orientation, get advised, & register for classes. 
Step 8: Pay your bill on time. 

The entire process can take a few weeks, but our enrollment specialists can help you along the way. Stop by the Tino & Millie Duran Welcome Center (located on N. Main and Park Ave.) or call us at 210-486-0200 to get started now. 

Paying for College

While some people think college is not for them because they are not “smart.” Others believe that they can’t go to college because it is too expensive. 

San Antonio College is here to serve the community, so, we are able to provide our students an affordable education. On average, tuition for a full-time student is as low as $831/semester or about $207/course.* 

There is also financial assistance available. In fact, more than 54% of our students receive Financial Aid (grants, scholarships and educational loans.) 

Many of our students also work while they attend school. It is not always easy, but YOU CAN DO IT.

*Average cost of tuition for a 3-credit hour course. Full-time rate based on 12-credit hours. 

Don’t Wait

If you want to enroll at SAC, you better get started now. Registration for the Fall semester (beginning in August) is already underway. 

Don’t wait until the last minute. Visit the Tino & Millie Duran Welcome Center (located at N. Main and Park Ave.) San Antonio College’s official address is 1819 N. Main Ave., San Antonio, Texas 78212. 

And always remember, YOU CAN DO IT. 

Hasta pronto.

La Prensa article, page 2-A, May 8th edition